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Sunday, November 28, 2010


As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Rajasthan Tourism Department had conducted an exhibition in Kochi. Here are some items displayed for sale. Not the women appearing immediately below.They are dancers.Best wishes:)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


This wedding was solemnised in St.Mary's Cathedral Church in Changanacherry,Kottayam district,Kerala State. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.Best wishes:)

Monday, November 15, 2010


A picture speaks a thousand words. I am not saying anything more on this with the hope you will share your thoughts.Best wishes:)

This is an award I have received from Yvonne-WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF POETRY.She is a fascinating poet who has already published a book of poems-NEGATIVE VS POSITIVE and is planning to publish one more collection of her poems shortly.Please visit her blog and I am sure you will instantaneously like this wonderful lady and become life long friends.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Here are some interesting and thought provoking comments on my previous post.Kindly visit these friends of mine and I hope you will like them so much that you will form life long friendship.

nikgee said...
Hi Joseph, as I have spent a majority of my life influenced by Christianity, I find myself in mixed emotion. Not in question with GOD, but on a doctrinal level. It is difficult to accept man added teaching, as well as the actions of said believers. I am not professing any form of self righteousness or perfection. I am a fellow traveler equal to everyone else. Steering my way through this maze of kaos and darkness. With that said our travel demands a vehicle to our liking. As in our physical life our spiritual like are diverse. Simply put we share different ways of getting there. And often times it is a matter of semanitics and not belief that divide us. My hope and prayers are that we find common ground to live in peace and let love motivate our actions

JI said...
Interesting philosophy and a sound one too.

I think faith in God has the power to transform a human being. As Christ said, it is like the yeast that turns dough into bread and a mustard seed to grow to a tree. Good works follow with faith.

I agree we should enjoy this world in moderation. It is after all a divine creation and should be respected as such. Everything came from nothing at the command of the Creator. But what is certain is that it is a passing world. As human beings we have a natural tendency to prize the things of this world. We can become short-sighted to the things of this world. The flesh will not last. There is a mightier purpose and that is to grow spiritually. I’ve come to realise this myself in recent years.

Deb said...
"...We can do everything in moderation, with control and temperance as long as we don't commit a sin."

I agree with most of this, that moderation is key with anything we do in life. If we don't have complete balance in all we do, we'll suffer in other ways. Having said that, I also believe that we all sin, whether it's an impure thought, a bad decision, words said, actions done --- God knows that we are all human, which is why He gave His only Son - to save us. But even so, the biggest commandment is to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as you would yourself. To treat people with respect and to share yourself with those who need you. I think "human nature" is sinful in itself, but God knows our hearts. I believe that God knows the difference between deliberate evilness/bad intentions and those who seek out to harm others with a bad heart. We're all flawed, which is why we need God's perfection. :)

Mel said...
Hi Joseph! I enjoyed your post so much! I think the overarching theme of the post, and of so much of life (and scripture, and the message of Christ) is balance! Balance between enjoying and being grateful for the blessings of this live, while not allowing those things to rule over us. Balance between work and play, between eating too much and eating too little... The list is endless and applies in nearly every aspect of life. I enjoyed reading everyone's comments, and think the world needs more eye-opening and thought-provoking blogs like yours, Joseph!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Simply stated my philosophy of life is this.

We are all coming from God and to God we have to return one day.When we are born in this world we have a destructible body and an indestructible soul.The destiny of the indestructible soul depends on what choices we make in this world.If we make good choices our soul will go to heaven and live in everlasting bliss with God and if we make bad choices our soul will burn in eternal hell and suffer for ever.

Of course my belief is mostly based on Christian doctrine and those belonging to other religions may not accept my point of view.In any case I would like to hear them.

This is a comment written by me in May's blog DAY AND NIGHT DEVOTIONS in her post under the heading LOVE NOT THE WORLD.
God has given us this earthly life not to give up everything in this world,not to stop enjoying the worldly pleasures,not to prevent us from having a good time,not to give up the fun and frolic of life but to enjoy our life in the best possible way so that we can derive happiness, satisfaction,peace and joy in this worldly life.

At the same time God wants us to put HIM first and foremost in everything we do and live by HIS commandments. I agree Jesus said WHAT DOES IT PROFIT A MAN IF HE GAINS THE WHOLE WORLD BUT SUFFER THE LOSS OF HIS OWN SOUL.Yes, there is no point in gaining the whole world and lose one's soul to the devil.But gaining the whole world without losing one's soul is an absolutely acceptable thing to God.But whether we can gain the whole world without losing our soul is a different thing altogether and such a thing is not possible in real life.

But what God wants us,I believe is that, we should enjoy our life in this world and also in the next.This does not mean that we should give up all our worldly possessions, give up our earthly desires and not strive for better things in life..We can do everything in moderation,with control and temperance as long as we don't commit a sin. For instance, a person who loves to eat can eat in moderation,but not overeat because it leads to the sin of gluttony.If you really look at it,eating in moderation helps the body to be healthy and strong but overeating leads to sickness.

Everything in moderation without hurting others or oneself should be our watch word,guiding star and God will certainly approve our actions

Kindly visit May's blog and check up the original post.