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Monday, August 31, 2015


Many,many thanks for the fantastic, thoughtful and interesting comments in my previous post under the heading DO YOU AGREE WITH THE LEGALISATION OF SAME SEX MARRIAGE?

The following comment is worthy of further scrutiny.

uthman saheed   ===Sodomy has been a generation to generation phenomenal, and no country can actually be excluded. Its only call for attention when its been legalized by the institution which supposed to protect the morality of its citizens.

Human history is generally dotted with waves of civilisations from era to era. The fall of one civilisation has always signaled the beginning of another.
Where are the civilisations of the yore today? Haven’t such ancient civilisations, such asEgyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Mesopotamian, Carthaginian, Greek and Roman each ofwhich lasted far more than a thousand years now become sheer rubbles on the pages of history? From the experience of history, we
have come to learn that when a civilization wants fall, its conductors will begin to see themselves as super human beings and clad in the garb of arrogance.

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Before answering this question let us briefly examine this story.

God tells Abraham He plans to destroy Sodom because of its wickedness. Abraham gets God to promise to spare it if 10 good men can be found. Lot, Abraham's relative, lives in Sodom. He is visited by three men who are angels. The men of Sodom want to have anal sex with these visitors. Lot refuses to allow this. He offers the Sodomites his two virgin daughters instead. The men decline the offer. They storm Lot's door. The angels rescue Lot. They tell Lot that God has sent them to destroy Sodom for its wickedness. They order Lot to gather his family, and leave the city. They forbid Lot or any of his family to look upon the city during its destruction. Lot and his family flee. Lot's wife looks back at the city. She is turned into a pillar of salt.

When we, as a civilization go against nature and do things which imperil an orderly, peaceful existence of society, are we in the process of a vanishing civilization. Let us take a few examples.

Michael Jackson did not want to get married but wanted children. So he engaged a surrogate mother to have children and brought them up by himself.

Elton John with his gay partner wanted  children and so he adopted them. He wanted to show his sons just how much he loved them  - by getting their names adorned on his shoes.

Mr. Obama visited African countries and tried to convince the African leaders to legalize same sex marriage. The African leaders listened to him patiently and politely refused to agree.

We know about the climate change that is taking place in this world but we are not doing anything to stop this danger which will certainly imperil future generations.

Politicians make promises to win elections but after winning, the promises are conveniently forgotten and they are busy making money for themselves and their families. They are not accountable for wasting public money. Politicians implicated in scams involving huge sums of money are not uncommon.

Democracy has a built in evil called Majority O Cracy whereby the party which comes to power gets the mandate to suppress and oppress people who elected them.

Condoms being distributed to school children in schools of some countries.

Couple live together without getting married and having children out of wedlock.

Single parenting is not uncommon in some countries.

Stock piling nuclear weapons for the security of nations.

Pesticides and chemicals used by farmers and traders in growing and preserving vegetables and fruits.

I can go on and on.

Now what do you think? Are we a vanishing civilization? I hope you will let your thoughts flow freely.