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Sunday, June 7, 2015


We have seen some reasons for having children in my previous post. However,there are many more reasons to have children.  Please take a look at the following comments.

Nilanjana Bose====I personally can never regret the experience of parenthood. My child makes my life sparkle in unimaginable ways :)

caroll mckenna====Giving birth is really a way to perpetuate life. We are all connected and all need to feel love and belongings. One biological son and 2 stepsons ~ I enjoyed all of them. I am glad I gave birth to him( biological son) and sometimes wish I had more birth children ~ yet it was not 'in the cards'

rudraprayaga====Having children in a planned number is a Nature's law. If all choose not to have issues, one more species will become extinct. So I think people should have their own progeny with restricted numbers to carry out their family legacy.

SheshaChaturvedi ====growth and evolution is a truth of nature. We should definitely give births to children

Kristin ====As a woman who struggled to have children - and who was eventually given the gift of a baby through adoption - I can say that my life would not be the same without her. But it has always been my hope to be a Mother

Ygraine==== As a mother who miscarried 7 babies, and lost a daughter at the age of just two weeks old, I do take motherhood very seriously. I have just one surviving son now, and he is so precious to me.

 Magyar -----I'm lucky to have my wife, my daughter, my son and my grand children

River-----Some people know for sure they do not want any and that's fair enough. For the rest of us, do we want them because we love children? do we want them so we can share the delights we knew ourselves as children?

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I am now  summarizing the various points mentioned by my above friends and I wonder whether you will are in agreement  with them.

Firstly, no couple will regret the experience of parent hood and children bring sparkle to parents lives in unimaginable  ways.

Secondly, couple perpetuate life by having children and we all need love and belonging.

Thirdly, it is a natural law to have children. Man and woman are designed to have children and couples who don’t have children are going against this natural law.

Fourthly, if we don’t have children human beings will become extinct in less than hundred years like the dinosaurs.

Fifthly, children are needed to carry on the family legacy. What is the use of accumulating wealth and amassing property if we can’t leave it for progeny who will carry on our  family name?

Sixthly, it is good to have a family with children and grandchildren and those who don’t have them are missing out the meaning of life.

Seventhly, couples who don’t have children don’t love children and are inadequate in themselves to rise up to the challenges of bringing up children.

Eighthly, it is  better to adopt a child if a couple can’t have children or don’t want to have children.

Ninthly, couples who don’t have children are denying themselves the most precious thing in this life and have to put up a pretense to cover up the vacuum or emptiness in their lives.

I am sure you have your own thoughts on these points and I will be delighted if will share them generously with me.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


I agree that it is up to the couple to decide to have children or not. 

In this connection this is what RamaAnanth says ===== It is totally up to the two adults to decide whether they want or not. These days children have lots of responsibilities, they may not be in a position to think impulsively about having a child. Having a child and bringing it up is a full time, a full responsibility, it cannot be taken lightly.

This is what Renu writes against having children =====I think it should be couple's choice and I don't think having the children is necessary. Yes i agree they bring lot of joy in life but they bring more amount of misery and a whole life liability.
People want children because they themselves can love only their own, otherwise there are always good people around us, we don't need to have children to fill that void.

However, there are many wonderful reasons for having children.
Christine writes =====I think it's good to have one's own children whatever the outcome. I don't expect anything from them, and will try to make plans for my old age.

This is what Al Penwasser writes in support of having children =====I am so very happy that I have a son and daughter. It's more than just a narcissistic desire to perpetuate myself (a sort of immortality, I suppose). It's just that I wanted to give the world what I hope was a gift. The fact that I would feel the same if I adopted a child says that it IS more than narcissism. Maybe my children will make the world a better place?

Read what Serendipity writes in favor of having children ======I just have my child at the age of 33 and at 33 that I had only found the deeper and different joy in my life and only this time too had i thought to put a direction on my life. I have the best times of my life at 33. :-D

 She underlines the fact that children give joy to the couple and direction to their life.

 According to Laura it is good to have children in general.

This is what Sherry Ellis writes =======I think having children is part of the circle of life. That's not to say you can't have a fulfilling life without them. But for me, I am grateful for my children, and I love them dearly. I couldn't imagine not having them.

Sherry underlines the fact that it is a circle of life to have children and she is grateful for her children.

Read what Jade Wright has to say about having children. ======I don't believe in waiting for the right moment for a baby and waiting until you have enough money - because lets face it, that is NOT going to happen! No one EVER has enough money for a baby but when it happens, we make a plan. We adapt.
Likewise I don't believe we should fear death as a reason to not have children. One day everyone days.. and to me that is the circle of life.

Ratty ====== I think it's a good thing to have kids no matter how they turn out. As long as you raised them the best you could, you know that something of you will live on in them.

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What do you think?
Is it good to have children although they may not take care of the parents?

Are we giving a gift to the world when we have children?

Will our children make the world a better place?
Will the couple be grateful to the children?

Will our children give us joy and direction to our lives?

Should we have enough money before having children?

Is it a circle of life to have children?
Do you think that something of the parents will live on in the children?

Sunday, March 15, 2015


I would like to start with a real life incident.

 A father admitted in the ICU of a hospital was dying. His wife who was waiting outside the ICU was brought in to see him. She was looking very sad and distressed. He opened his eyes looked at her and told her he wanted to see his son. Although it was not allowed to make a call inside the ICU, she was given special permission. She called her son and told him to come soon to the hospital, since the dying father wanted to see him. Then she looked at her husband and told him that the son will come immediately. The father nodded his head and lay quietly with his eyes closed. His breathing was becoming more and more difficult. After sometime with great difficulty he opened his eyes and asked for the son. The mother once again called the son on the mobile and spoke to him. Then she told her husband that he is stuck up in a traffic jam and would come quickly. The father nodded his head but he was finding it difficult to breathe. Soon there was a loud chortling sound in his throat as though he was choking and breathed his last without seeing his son. The wife started wailing. After a little while a stretcher was wheeled in and the dead body was taken to the cold storage to be released when the son turns up at the hospital.

What do you think the father was thinking at the time of dying? Can you not feel the pain and anguish he must have been feeling at not seeing his son at the time of his death?

Well, the son will come to claim the dead body, arrange the funeral, accept the condolences of those present at the funeral and carry on with his life as usual.

If this is the case, why should we have children?

Here are some extracts from interesting comments in my previous posts.

 I have three children and all were married but one chose not to have children. I am happy to say that she and her husband just celebrated 25 years of marriage and don't feel any loss because they give so much time and love to others. I guess it's a choice that only the couple can make ...that is if they live in a country that allows open thinking.

Ginnie says that one of her children chose not to have children and they have celebrated 25 years of marriage and they don’t feel any loss at not having children.

John    -----A very interesting post and representative of the changing world we live in. It is hard to imagine though missing out on the absolute joy of being a parent and holding that precious bundle in your arms for the first time. It does require work and sacrifice and each parent and child is different, it all comes down to choices!

John talks of the absolute joy of being a parent and holding the precious bundle in your arms.

Christine ------ I feel it's good to have your own kids if you can, even adoption is a good thing.

Christine says if you can’t have your own children, it is a good idea to adopt.

Ramakrishnan Ramanathan--------- some parents are also scared of their son/daughter/son in law/daughter in law. There are instances where parents have been killed by children/their agents for money/property.

Such terrible things do happen some times. I remember an old lady selling tea telling me that her eldest son who is a drunkard, frequently comes to the tea shop and tries to strangle her because she has not given his share of the property.

Cathy Tittle  -----a law to safeguard care of parents is a good one I think.

Al Penwasser  ====Taking care of your elderly parents....a tragedy we need a law, huh?

If it is a tragedy to have a law to support elderly parents, then why should we have children?

jonathan  ------India had done something good to protect the rights of the elderly. I, myself, have seen how my own siblings are treating my dad badly when all of them, were dependent on him for a very, long time.

Jonathan comes out with another instance of children treating the parent badly

Shamu Boo -------I have never considered a concept such as this. How terrible it would be to have to drag your own children into court, but if it meant that or suffering then it must be done. Such a difficult issue.

Shamu Boo thinks that it is terrible to drag children to court.

Please click on the names of these excellent bloggers to visit them. I am sure they will be thrilled and reciprocate.

All this boils down to one question. If we can be happy without having children, if the state has to enact a law to get an allowance from children, if the children are not going to take care of their old parents voluntarily out of love, if the parents are going to feel terrible to drag their children to court, if the children are going to misbehave and ill treat their old parents, then, would it not be better not to have children?

I hope you will put on your thinking caps and write a detailed comment on this interesting subject. Please let your thoughts flow.