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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I have been away for a long time. I wanted a break. Today I opened the blog and checked. BBC wanted to know whether I am alive or dead. LOL.

It is monsoon season here. It is raining heavily. Even going out for a walk is difficult on account of the wind and rain.

My lunch was a LOVELY,COLORFUL,LARGE, DELICIOUS  mango fruit and a glass of milk. I feel nice and happy,

Be happy and peaceful, calm and comfortable.

Best wishes

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I was standing at the Trivandrum KSRTC bus terminal with my son Francis Xavier. I was taking him for his first job interview at Nest Technologies at the TECHNO PARK. It was 8.30 in the morning. The bus station was crowded. I was looking around for our bus. At that time a super fast came to a screeching halt. I saw the passengers get down from the bus. The last to come out was the driver and the conductor. They were chatting amiably and walking towards the office. The conductor had the journey's collection in his hand bag. The bag was bulging with money. He held the bag very casually as he had been doing it every day. After all, the bus stand was teeming with people. He and the driver were tough, burly people. There was also a police 'flying squad' parked nearby. Who can even dare to think of doing any thing to the bag?

As he was leisurely strolling, chatting, laughing and carelessly holding the bag, I saw a young man walking briskly towards the conductor from the opposite direction. When he came close to the conductor, he greeted him as though he was his close friend. The conductor although not very sure greeted the man in return and smiled at him. As the conductor smiled the young man bent down, grabbed the bag and started running. The conductor couldn't believe that such a thing could happen. He was shocked for a few seconds. We also watched all this thinking his friend was playing a prank. Suddenly the conductor started screaming, "My bag, my bag! Thief, thief! Somebody catch him! He is running with my money!" He started running after the thief. Only then the crowd realised that the conductor was robbed. Some people started running behind the conductor chasing the thief. In the mean while the thief had already reached the far end of the terminus. 

The dozing police 'FLYING SQUAD' woke up from their slumber. The police jeep started and went after the thief with the siren screaming. The wily robber ran into the narrow lanes and bilanes and escaped. The police men came back to vent their fury on the already upset conductor. They told him that he fully deserved to be robbed and chided him for being so careless with his money bag. They advised him to go and give a written complaint in the police station. They assured him that they will definitely catch the thief and restore the money.
The conductor was wailing. He has to pay the money out of his pocket to the office. He will have a black mark on his service record. His salary raise for that year will be held back. Too many problems for the conductor for just being careless.

So friends, be careful with your valuables in crowded places because the friendly looking person standing next to you smiling very innocently could be a robber. Who knows?
Do you have any real life incidents like this? Share it with me. I will be delighted to hear from you.

Sunday, September 25, 2016


I was traveling by train from Chennai to Calcutta to attend the annual Sales Managers Conference. The train stopped at Visakapatnam Junction. I was sitting in the First Class compartment with co-passengers. Opposite me a lady was sitting. She was traveling alone. When the train halted, she was idly looking out of the window. Her hand bag was at her side unprotected.

 A well dressed young man came, sat next to her and started talking to her. The way he was talking to her we thought he was her relative. We paid no attention to them and were busy ordering  tea and snacks. I heard the young man telling her  that her relative was on the station looking for her. So she started looking out of the window looking for her relative. 

In the meanwhile the whistle blew and the train started moving. and gradually gathered  momentum. The woman was still looking desperately out of the window for her relative.In the meanwhile, the young man took her bag very casually, walked up to the door and jumped out of the moving train. Although we saw this we did not suspect the young man of robbery since we presumed he was her relative. The woman was still looking out of the window. Soon the train picked up speed and moved out of the station. 

After a while the woman stretched her hand to take bag. The bag was not there. She turned and looked at the place where she kept the bag. Suddenly she started screaming, "my bag, my bag! Where is my bag? Did any of you see my hand bag?" We told her that her relative took it. She started wailing, "He is not my relative. He robbed my bag. Oh, what will I do now. I had money, my ticket and a gold chain in that bag. What will I do now? What will I do?" She was crying inconsolably. We tried to pacify her. On hearing the commotion, the ticket checker came there. When he was appraised of the robbery, he advised her to get down at the next station and register a complaint with the Railway Police. He told us that such robberies regularly happened in the train. The robbers are well dressed and they look like gentlemen. They are smooth talkers. It is difficult to catch them because they commit the robbery when the train starts moving and jump out of the speeding train with their booty.
We felt foolish and very stupid to let the robbery take place right in front of us. When you travel by public transport be wary of strangers talking to you and keep a close watch on your belongings.
If you have similar real life stories, I will be delighted to hear them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Violence begets violence. This is a simple, pure, unadultrated fact of life.

Yet we find at different times in the history of the world violent people terrorizing mankind and wantonly killing innocent people and destroying property. They have all met a violent death in the end.

The free world which wants to live in peace and harmony will ultimately catch up with the murderers and give them a befitting punishment. The vast majority of the people in the world shun violence and they have to be protected from demented, cruel, murderous, inhuman people who constitute an insignificant minority.

Appeasing evil doers will only go to encourage and motivate them to do more and more despicable acts. A thorn can be taken out only by a thorn and any amount of cajoling, persuasion and incentives will not produce the desired results. It will only be misread as a sign of weakness.

In any case those who take the sword will die by the sword. This happened to Hitler, Mussolini, Maximilien Robespierre and many other evil men who stalked the world unleashing violence and perpetrating mindless murders.

Peaceful people should always expect a violent man to come on the scene at some time or the other and it is the duty of all peace loving nations to nip violence in the bud.

Sometimes the leadership of a nation is violent and they encourage, sponsor, train and arm terrorists and sent them to other countries to cause havoc. Then it is the duty of United Nations to step in keeping aside their narrow national interests, take strong punitive measures and ensure that the evil leadership is removed without much loss of time.

What is your view on terrorism and terrorists?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Lawlessness is the hallmark of democracy
In democracy we have freedom but how is this freedom used. Consider the following cases.

One, a politician’s son shoots dead a seventeen year old boy because the car in which the teenager was traveling overtook the politician’s son’s car.

Two, a low caste man falls in love with a high caste girl and marries her. The parents of the high caste girl organize a gang to kill the low caste man in broad day light.

Three, a police officer falsely implicates a man in a murder case and gets him arrested because the man did not pay a bribe to the police officer.

Four, a gang of young men beat to death a man in broad day light because of some argument they had previously.

Five, a gang of young men beat to death two men because they objected to the gang teasing a young girl on the road.

Six, a man forcibly carries away a girl in full public view to a remote building to rape her. But this girl bit him badly and escaped. The police did not register a case when the girl complained and she had to bring a video footage from a spy camera to prove her charges.

Seven, a reporter is shot dead because he wrote against a mafia politician.

Eight, people smoke in public although there is a ban on public smoking.

Nine, shop keepers  spread their wares on foot path and make the pedestrians walk on roads with busy traffic risking their lives

Ten, when a mother checked the bag of her school going daughter she found condoms to her horror. When she confronted the daughter with the discovery, the daughter admitted she was having sex with her classmate in an apartment owned by the boy’s  father.

I can go on and on.

Don’t you think democracy breeds lawlessness?