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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Lawlessness is the hallmark of democracy
In democracy we have freedom but how is this freedom used. Consider the following cases.

One, a politician’s son shoots dead a seventeen year old boy because the car in which the teenager was traveling overtook the politician’s son’s car.

Two, a low caste man falls in love with a high caste girl and marries her. The parents of the high caste girl organize a gang to kill the low caste man in broad day light.

Three, a police officer falsely implicates a man in a murder case and gets him arrested because the man did not pay a bribe to the police officer.

Four, a gang of young men beat to death a man in broad day light because of some argument they had previously.

Five, a gang of young men beat to death two men because they objected to the gang teasing a young girl on the road.

Six, a man forcibly carries away a girl in full public view to a remote building to rape her. But this girl bit him badly and escaped. The police did not register a case when the girl complained and she had to bring a video footage from a spy camera to prove her charges.

Seven, a reporter is shot dead because he wrote against a mafia politician.

Eight, people smoke in public although there is a ban on public smoking.

Nine, shop keepers  spread their wares on foot path and make the pedestrians walk on roads with busy traffic risking their lives

Ten, when a mother checked the bag of her school going daughter she found condoms to her horror. When she confronted the daughter with the discovery, the daughter admitted she was having sex with her classmate in an apartment owned by the boy’s  father.

I can go on and on.

Don’t you think democracy breeds lawlessness?

Saturday, February 6, 2016


The belief that heaven or an afterlife awaits us is a “fairy story” for people afraid of death, Stephen Hawking has said. In a dismissal that underlines his firm rejection of religious comforts, Britain’s most eminent scientist said there was nothing beyond the moment when the brain flickers for the final time. Hawking, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the age of 21, shared his thoughts on death, human purpose and our chance existence in an exclusive interview with The Guardian. He said this about a week back.

I am not vilifying Hawking. He is one the few people who is looking for a short cut to fame and fortune. After all what he is propounding is only a theory and not a fact. Heaven is for the soul and not for the physical body. A man with a physical body with a limited brain cannot see heaven. God's ways are inscrutable. When man thinks he has reached one boundary another boundary appears. There is no limit to knowledge. There is a famous saying in Tamil language --- What we know is only a handful and what we don't know is as much as the universe. If Hawking thinks he knows everything there is to know and the collective wisdom of mankind from early stages of life is false, then his theories are preposterous He is misleading youngsters who have no proper grounding in religious faith and turning them away from God.

Hawking is an Atheist. It is not easy to convince an Atheist. He doesn't know that we have a physical body that is corruptible and a soul which is incorruptible. It is the soul which goes to heaven or hell depending upon what we do here.

Stephen wants to see heaven with his physical body which is not possible. He must die to see heaven or hell. I am sure he will go to hell because as I said he has sold his soul for the sake of earthly fame to satan who is just waiting in the corner to carry his soul to hell. He will also be doubly punished for misusing his position as an eminent scientist and misleading people by his preposterous views. We should pray for this man.

Any one who wants to understand Stephen Hawking should first read and understand Christopher Marlowe's book Dr. Faustus first published in 1604.

Stephen has sold his soul to the devil for fame.

A word of caution. I know some of my friends will have strong views about my post. You are welcome to write what you want but please note your comment will not appear if you insult me personally.

Friday, January 8, 2016


If you visit the prisons in a democratic country, you will mostly find poor people lodged there. Does this mean that rich and powerful people in democracy don’t   commit  crimes.  As far I know some of the biggest and most heinous   crimes are    committed by the rich and powerful but somehow the law is such that they escape punishment.

Poor people are sometimes  picked up on suspicion for criminal acts by the police and since they have no money to fight the case or get bail they are sent to prisons for an indeterminate period and their case don’t even  come in the court for a hearing. Sometimes innocent people are sent to prisons by the lower court and such people don’t have the money to go on appeal in a   higher court.

At the same time people with money and power engage the best lawyers who find loopholes in the law and escape punishment. Here is an example in the Indian context.

A well know actor in India  drove a car without license and in an inebriated condition on the foot path and killed a poor man  sleeping there  and seriously injured several  others.

This actor dragged the case for thirteen long years or shall we say the  court allowed him to drag the case for this long period and one witness died in the meanwhile. Finally, this man was convicted for five years in prison. He went on an appeal and the higher court acquitted him for want of proof.

The guardian reports as follows.

One of Bollywood’s biggest stars has been cleared on appeal of killing a homeless man in a drunken hit-and-run, a decision likely to revive questions about how India’s justice system treats the rich and famous.
Actor Salman Khan’s Toyota Land Cruiser veered off a main road in Mumbai into a group of people sleeping rough outside a bakery in 2002, killing labourer Nurulah Mahbob Sharif and injuring four others.
A Mumbai court found Khan, 49, guilty of culpable homicide earlier this year, saying he was drunk behind the wheel when the accident happened and tried to flee the scene.
That ruling has now been overturned by the Bombay high court. The judge ruled that statements from the state’s star witness – a bodyguard who died of tuberculosis in 2007 – were not “wholly reliable”, and the prosecution had failed to conclusively establish that Khan was drunk.
“The prosecution failed to establish its case on all charges,” Justice A R Joshi told a packed courtroom, announcing that Khan had been acquitted.
His defence team had argued that Khan’s driver was in charge of the car, not the actor, and lost control when a tyre burst. The star had been drinking water all evening and only climbed out of the driver’s seat after the accident because the passenger door was damaged, lawyers said.

The actor’s car killed the poor man and seriously injured four others. What about justice for them and their families?

Can any one drive a car without license and in a drunken state?Did this actor have a driverless car which drove on its own fully drunk?

This actor who was acquitted is not a first time offender. He was previously jailed for nearly a week for hunting endangered gazelles, and is on bail in a separate case over killing protected antelopes. A former partner, actor and Miss World winner Aishwarya Rai, also claimed that he harassed her after their split.

What is your opinion about the justice system in a democratic country? Don't you think it is heavily tilted against the poor?

Friday, November 27, 2015


After the American soldiers left Iraq, there was a vacuum to contain the terrorists and as a result ISIS began to thrive and grow in menacing proportions and started unspeakable atrocities on the people. The world powers just looked on with horror but did nothing to stop the barbarians because they thought they were safe and the savagery was only limited to Iraq.

The mass murders of innocent men, women and children and large scale destruction of property and          ancient land marks only attracted condemnation but no concrete action to destroy the terrorists. 

Soon ISIS forced  themselves  into the war torn Syria and continued their inhuman atrocities. Then the super powers like US, France woke up from their slumber and started bombing ISIS positions but did not commit their ground forces. Saudi Arabia also started bombing ISIS in Syrian and Iraq. There was no stopping the ISIS and they soon started recruiting terrorists from all over the world. Russia also joined the bombing of ISIS with the purpose of supporting the Assad regime in Syria.

Refugees started moving out of Syria and Iraq on a massive scale to many European countries and ISIS terrorists managed to disguise themselves as refugees and entered many countries with the sole purpose of killing innocent civilians and thereby terrorizing the people all over the world. Besides they started recruiting terrorists from many countries to kill their own people.

The homegrown terrorists with the help of ISIS started their merciless attacks and the most horrible one was the Paris attack in which   numerous  Parisians were killed and seriously injured.

In the meanwhile, Turkey which an ally of Russia in bombing ISIS terrorists knowingly or unknowingly shot down two Russian jets. Russia became furious and termed the act as a stab in the back and threatened Turkey with serious consequences. US  and NATO sided with Turkey and justified the shooting down of Russian jets.

If Russia decides to bomb Turkey then US and NATO may take the side of Turkey and many other countries will support Russia. 

This will surely escalate into a Third World War. 

Many countries have nuclear weapons and the consequences will be of dreadful proportions in terms of loss of life and devastating destruction of large areas of the world.

What do you think?