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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Most of us when confronted with a problem, we worry and magnify the problem so much that it starts to haunt us. We are so much obsessed with the problem that we cannot concentrate on our daily routine and always have a nagging feeling within us. We think our problem is too big for us handle and there is no solution for it. Sometimes we even lose our sleep over it.

But consider people affected by a psunami, people living in war torn areas, people ravaged by an earth quake. Many people lose their lives all of a sudden, many people are badly injured and maimed for life for no fault of theirs, many children are orphaned in no time and many lose all their property, entire life’s earnings and become destitutes in an instant.

When compared to these people, what is our problem? We still got our life, our property, our health, our family, our friends. Our mental faculties are intact not only to face the problem but also to find a solution. It is said – EVERY PROBLEM IS AN OPPORTUNITY.

Let us count our blessings and keep our chin up even when confronted with a problem which we think is insurmountable. We will always find a solution one way or the other.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is one of the play schools where the communist government implements it's mid day meal program. Poor parents send their children here to study alphabets, play, have a free meal. You can see the poor construction of this structure. When the sun is hot this structure becomes a boiling cauldron. When it rains, it becomes a swimming pool. You can imagine how handicapped the poor children are. They start with a great disadvantage in life. Can any of these children aspire to reach high positions is society? I don’t think so.May be there will be some exceptions but most of them will end up being poor like their parents doing menial jobs and going through a tough life lacking basic amenities.

This is a play school near this poor school where parents who can afford send their children. Needless to say these children have a head start over the poor children. They get better education and better facilities. Most of these children will acquire better qualifications and occupy high posts and positions of power and influence in society.

How did this inequality happen? After all God created everyone equal with the same mental faculties, abilities, talents and so on. I am in the dark.Are the poor parents to be blamed for not giving proper facilities for their children? I hope you will be able to throw some light on this glaring inequality.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Few times in my life, I thought that death was imminent but I was saved miraculously by an invisible power. Consider the following incident in my life:

When I was studying in school in higher standards I used to go to the MARINA BEACH near the LABOR STATUE with my friends to play in the shallow waters of the BAY OF BENGAL. None of us knew swimming. But we had great fun running, jumping, pushing,wrestling,and falling in the cool waters of the sea. (Of course, we went there without the knowledge of our parents.)

One day, we went to the beach as usual. I took out my clothes faster than my friends and ran very excitedly into the shallow waters of the sea. Suddenly I fell in a deep ditch and instantaneously I was under the water unable to breathe. I thrashed my hands and legs. I was suffocating. Since I was young and strong my continuous frantic struggles and thrashing in the deep water brought me to the surface. I gasped for breath and desperately waved to my friends for help. I could see them laughing at me thinking I was playing a joke on them.

Again I went down. I struggled desperately and kicked my hands and legs to get out of the ditch. I knew I could not hold my breath much longer. I was surely going to die. No one is going to help me. My friends are having a good laugh at my desperate struggle for life.

While these thoughts were going on in my mind, all of a sudden a huge wave came and pushed me out of the ditch. And I found myself lying in the shallow waters once again gasping for breath and violently coughing with tears in my eyes. I sat quietly for sometime filling my lungs with the life giving oxygen, wiping tears from my eyes and blowing my nose. I couldn't believe I was alive. I thanked God for saving me from a watery grave. After some time I regained my composure and walked slowly towards my friends. They still laughed at me and told me that they are not foolish enough to believe my pranks.

Now tell me my dear friends is this not the hand of God that saved me from certain death.I would also like to hear if you have similar stories to tell.