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Friday, November 27, 2015


After the American soldiers left Iraq, there was a vacuum to contain the terrorists and as a result ISIS began to thrive and grow in menacing proportions and started unspeakable atrocities on the people. The world powers just looked on with horror but did nothing to stop the barbarians because they thought they were safe and the savagery was only limited to Iraq.

The mass murders of innocent men, women and children and large scale destruction of property and          ancient land marks only attracted condemnation but no concrete action to destroy the terrorists. 

Soon ISIS forced  themselves  into the war torn Syria and continued their inhuman atrocities. Then the super powers like US, France woke up from their slumber and started bombing ISIS positions but did not commit their ground forces. Saudi Arabia also started bombing ISIS in Syrian and Iraq. There was no stopping the ISIS and they soon started recruiting terrorists from all over the world. Russia also joined the bombing of ISIS with the purpose of supporting the Assad regime in Syria.

Refugees started moving out of Syria and Iraq on a massive scale to many European countries and ISIS terrorists managed to disguise themselves as refugees and entered many countries with the sole purpose of killing innocent civilians and thereby terrorizing the people all over the world. Besides they started recruiting terrorists from many countries to kill their own people.

The homegrown terrorists with the help of ISIS started their merciless attacks and the most horrible one was the Paris attack in which   numerous  Parisians were killed and seriously injured.

In the meanwhile, Turkey which an ally of Russia in bombing ISIS terrorists knowingly or unknowingly shot down two Russian jets. Russia became furious and termed the act as a stab in the back and threatened Turkey with serious consequences. US  and NATO sided with Turkey and justified the shooting down of Russian jets.

If Russia decides to bomb Turkey then US and NATO may take the side of Turkey and many other countries will support Russia. 

This will surely escalate into a Third World War. 

Many countries have nuclear weapons and the consequences will be of dreadful proportions in terms of loss of life and devastating destruction of large areas of the world.

What do you think?