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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have come across many twists and turns in my life. When it appears that my life is going smoothly, when I feel I am the high road to success, when everything appears to be calm and peaceful, when I am enjoying the blue sky and the lovely sun shine, when I think everything is bright and beautiful and I am in a state of everlasting bliss, all of a sudden something happens to throw my life out of gear and a fear slowly spreads all over me paralyzing my movement, my thinking and my entire body. I feel my world has come crashing down and I don’t know how to face the situation, where to go or how to solve the problem faced by me.

It could happen to anyone. It could be that some one close to us has passed away, a loss of a job, a serious sickness in the family or self, a serious misunderstanding among the family members, a debt which cannot be paid, the electricity meter in the house getting burned on account of overload, a customer canceling a big order and so on.

We wonder why this has happened to us and not to others, what serious crime have we done for this calamity to befall us, in what way we deserve this punishment. We think and think and think and grope in the dark. We don’t get any answer for days and days. Finally the calamity sinks in us and we accept the situation we are in. It is only then we try to look for a solution. We try desperate measures to extricate ourselves from the situation we are in. We pray hard to God to show us a way out. After a long and painful wait we get an answer like a bolt from the blue to overcome the supposedly insurmountable situation. Even then it takes a lot of will power, hard work, determination and sacrifice to extricate ourselves from the difficulty.

Once again we get back the spring in our steps, the sun starts shining, we can see the blue sky, the birds starts singing and every thing looks wonderful.

I suppose such ups and downs, trials and tribulations are part and parcel of our life and there is absolutely no need to panic when we are unknowingly sucked into the vortex of a calamity. We will always find a way out. Perhaps life would not be so interesting, exciting with so many adventures and challenges if we had a smooth ride and faced no difficulty at all.


Saturday, May 7, 2011


Violence begets violence. This is a simple, pure, unadultrated fact of life.

Yet we find at different times in the history of the world violent people terrorizing mankind and wantonly killing innocent people and destroying property. They have all met a violent death in the end.

The free world which wants to live in peace and harmony will ultimately catch up with the murderers and give them a befitting punishment. The vast majority of the people in the world shun violence and they have to be protected from demented, cruel, murderous, inhuman people who constitute an insignificant minority.

Appeasing evil doers will only go to encourage and motivate them to do more and more despicable acts. A thorn can be taken out only by a thorn and any amount of cajoling, persuasion and incentives will not produce the desired results. It will only be misread as a sign of weakness.

In any case those who take the sword will die by the sword. This happened to Hitler, Mussolini, Maximilien Robespierre and many other evil men who stalked the world unleashing violence and perpetrating mindless murders.

Peaceful people should always expect a violent man to come on the scene at some time or the other and it is the duly of all peace loving nations to nip violence in the bud.

Sometimes the leadership of a nation is violent and they encourage, sponsor, train and arm terrorists and sent them to other countries to cause havoc. Then it is the duty of United Nations to step in keeping aside their narrow national interests, take strong punitive measures and ensure that the evil leadership is removed without much loss of time.

What is your view on terrorism and terrorists?