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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Sometimes failures daunt us so badly in our life that we falter and give up on our dreams. History is replete with stories of failures who overcame their defeats and ultimately achieve the impossible and became famous. To be specific, Leonardo da Vinci,Pablo Picasso,Rabindranath Tagore,Thomas Edison,Alexander Graham Bell,Tom Cruise,Walt Disney,Winston Churchill,Agatha Christie,John Lennon,Amitabh Bachchan,Albert Einstein and so on succeeded despite their repeated failures in their chosen fields.

This is a comment written by me in Melanie Statnick's blog RABBIT HOLE ART in her post under the heading CURSED CANVAS. Melanie is a Mixed Media Artist from Canada residing in North Carolina. She is an exceptionally gifted,self made artist who is also a wonderful writer. I am always thrilled to visit her blog because every time I visit I learn something new and feel rejuvenated. PLEASE CHECK OUT BY VISITING HER LOVELY BLOG BY CLICKING HERE.
I agree art needs inspiration and sometimes even an artist of great experience finds it difficult to get that inspiration at crucial times. You have indeed put in a lot of hard work which I think is very extraordinary work and yet the end result did not match your high expectations. No doubt you have set very high standards for your self. To me what you have achieved is fabulous and praise worthy and worthy of appreciation. Sometimes we undertake ventures with great expectations and put in our heart and soul into it only to find our sweat and effort gone in vain. But this is how really great achievements are made possible. Failure is the stepping stone to success and more the number of failures more solid will future success be because we learn so much from each failures. It is not the number of times we fall down that matters but our capacity to get up and keep going that leads to success.

I appreciate your son's gesture. It is always the child who is the first to applaud mom's work at all times just as the mom is there for the child at all times.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Change is the only permanent thing in life. We learnt so many things in the past but many of the things that we learnt have become obsolete and not useful now. Now it has become necessary for us to unlearn many things and learn many things to get on in this ever changing world. New methods, new techniques, new gadgets, new ways are coming into existence and sometimes we find it difficult to cope with the situation. But change we must if we have to survive. This is a comment written by me in KAY’s blog MUSINGS under the heading SHOULD WE REALLY TAKE CURSIVE OUT OF THE CURRICULUM? Please visit Kay and check out her lovely blog by clicking HERE.

In India, exams are written on paper which includes long answers, essays, compositions and so on. If the hand writing is good there is a chance of getting good marks because the papers will be easy to value. If the writing is bad the person evaluating the paper will not bother to read and therefore the chances of getting good marks even for a good answer is less.Besides, I understand cursive writing helps in developing certain parts of the brain.

Having said this, we should also understand times are changing and changing rapidly. Most of the children are sitting with a computer either browsing or playing games and their typing skills are excellent. Good jobs these days require excellent computer and typing proficiency. Since we are moving forward to a faster and faster world many old things which we thought important will be given up and new methods will take their place.