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Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is a comment written by me in RAMA’S blog- TIME, TIME ….. I HAVE ALL THE TIME.

Time plays a great role depending on the age of a person. I will definitely not like a youngster to waste time. When a person is young and embarking on a career, time is very important. Time is precious. For such persons there is a saying DON'T KILL TIME, TIME WILL KILL YOU.

Youngsters who squander away their time without proper planning will end up being failures in life. Any achievement is the result of proper utilization of time. There is also a saying TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NO BODY. Let it be the king and queen, president and prime minister or a beggar on the road – all have only 24 hours in a day. No more no less. How effectively this given time is used will go a long way in determining the success or failure of a person.

At our age when we have accomplished many things in life and can look with some satisfaction upon the fact that we have done fairly well, fulfilled our duties and responsibilities we are entitled to take it easy and enjoy our life without worrying about wasting time. At this age even if we idle away our time doing nothing but staring vacantly or recalling the past incidents in our life which gave us joy or sadness is well spent and we need not regret or feel guilty about it.

The fact still remains TIME WILL ULTIMATELY CATCH UP WITH US. WE CANNOT ESCAPE TIME.TIME IS DEADLY. After all THE TIME THAT WE HAVE IN THIS WORLD IS LIMITED. We have to make the best use of it in living a satisfied and fulfilled life without any regrets or remorse.

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Monday, April 18, 2011


After graduation I started working as a sales executive. The company gave me a bullet motorcycle for traveling. Once I was going on a tour to Pondicherry. I was riding peacefully and calmly at a steady speed of 50km. After the city limits there is a railway track parallel to the road. As I was riding on this parallel road I was startled by the monstrous sound of a train behind me. Very soon the train caught up with me and when I looked sideways I saw the driver waving and smiling at me. The carriages also started overtaking me and the passengers started shouting, laughing and waving at me. Something snapped in my head. I wanted to show them the power of my bike. After all I had a BULLET. What do they think? I started accelerating. The speed indicator showed that I had accelerated from 50 to 60 to 70 and going up and up.I started to overtake the carriages. I felt like a superman. I screamed, laughed and waved with one hand to the the passengers. When I caught up with the engine driver, I screamed at him, too. The speedometer was nearing 110 and I started overtaking the engine.I was terribly happy I could overtake a speeding train.

Suddenly I found the road taking a sharp turn from the railway track and I could see a narrow bridge over a dried up river bed. Since I can't jam the brake at that speed I started reducing the throttle to slow down the bike. The bridge was located at a sharp curve and I knew I could not negotiate such a curve even though the speed was coming down. I was certain that I and my bike will plunge into the dry river bed which was far below and I will die instantaneously. There was no way to escape this horrible end. I looked at the speedo-meter. It was nearing 70. I desperately tried to turn the bike at a sharp angle. I hit a huge drum filled with sand at the side of the road and came crashing down along with the bike. I had no helmet but my head was not hurt. But I was dazed. I sat up slowly and looked at the bike which lay on the road with petrol dripping from the tank.

My pant had torn near the knees and I could see blood dripping. My shirt was also torn and I could see blood on my elbows. I got up slowly and limped to the bike. I noticed that the crash guard was bent, the accelerater cable and the rear view mirror were broken. I looked at the dry river bed down below with a sigh of relief.I did not plunge into it and die a miserable death.

Again God Almighty put out his hand to save a foolish young man from a certain death and here I am living today to tell you the story.