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Monday, August 30, 2010


Democratic countries all over the world give freedom to their citizens to speak their mind, write what they want and paint what they desire, Christianity is a tolerant, understanding, forgiving, compassionate religion based on sacrifice and service and not on aggression and retribution . As a result, atheists find it easy to attack Christianity and in the process, if possible, gain some cheap publicity and make some quick money.

This is a comment written by me on the spur of the moment in JL’s blog REFLECTING ON THE BEACH where he has written an interesting post under the heading EUROPE WITHOUT CHRISTIANITY: A DIRE PROSPECT. Please visit his blog and check out the original post.

Christianity is the beacon light for the world. Others who are jealous of it try to gain some fame by writing against it.

I can think of Marx and Engels who wrote Das Capital. Communism succeed to some extent.But ultimately it gave way to capitalism because there is no survival in this world for Godless communists.

Another instance I can cite is Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. He created a sensation against Christianity and made money and name for himself.

There are innumerable authors who write against Jesus in an attempt to gain worlds attention and in the process make some money.

Christianity has gives us some fundamentally strong values, morals and ethics to live a decent dignified life in this world. It has brought an orderly way of life.It has taught us to live a civilized life and get along with others in harmony and peace. It has ensured progress and development of this world.

If Atheists have their way then murderers, rapists, drug peddlers, smugglers and other evil doers will be accepted as normal people. Any one can do anything and their behavior will be accepted as normal. You can imagine what people can do if they have no fear of God!

Christianity has shown poor people a way to put up and endure their difficult situation in life. It has given them immense solace and peace to cope up with their miserable situation.

In the rich people it has inculcated a sense of charity and compassion for the suffering poor. It has shown them a way to achieve inner peace by doing something good for the poor. It has restrained the rich and powerful from misusing their power and position..

Let all those who want to write against Christianity do so and we get an opportunity to study their evil minds.

Christianity has gone through several vituperative,vehement and vociferous attacks over a period of 2000 years. It has always come out more brighter, more vigorous, more resilient, more glittering and more shining in all its glory and splendor.

It has shown human beings a way to live a beautiful and an orderly life, realize one's full potential in this world and look forward to eternal bliss with the Creator in the next life.

Monday, August 23, 2010






Monday, August 16, 2010


Blogging has made me move myself and go to places where I have not been for years although I am living close by and it has made me look at things with a new perspective and understanding apart from taking part in the joy and celebration that is taking place all around me.

Last Saturday, I went to Thripunithura to see the Atham procession.All the four main roads of the town were milling with spectators like me and the festive mood of the people could be clearly seen.All vehicular traffic was stopped for almost two long hours.

This years Onam celebrations begins with the colorful Athan procession.The procession featured display of traditional and folk art forms like theyyam,thiruvathira kali,kummatti,karagaattam,kolkali and garudan thookam and singaramelam by women,

The floats displayed in the procession depicted immortal scenes from the epics as well the contemporary issues.

I will not be able to post all photos in one post.Here are some for your viewing pleasure. Please click on the photos for a larger view.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


When I was working in Avery India Ltd. as Area Sales Manager, Kochi I have conducted several annual Area sales meetings in TAJ Malabar,Wellingdon Island. The atmosphere was excellent, the hospitality was top class, the food was delicious and the staff were very cordial and helpful. Every one looked forward to having these meetings every year at the TAJ.

Again, when I was in Goa as Branch Manager, I organized a weekend party on behalf of the company for the Top Ten Sales Executives and Managers in the country at the Taj Fort Aguada Beach Resort. The party started at 7.30 in the evening and went on till 3 am. in the morning. Every one thoroughly enjoyed the party and the co operation of the TAJ staff was excellent although the party went beyond their normal working time(12 midnight).

Recently when I went to TAJ MALABAR,WELLINGDON ISLAND, KOCHI I found it was looking like a highly guarded fortress.The main gate was kept closed and I came upon two security guards in front of the gate. One man had a gun and stared at me and the other man scanned my car thouroughly . After parking the car, I walked to the main entrance to the hotel with my hand luggage. My hand luggage was collected from my hand by one guard and put through a scanning machine and I myself had to walk through a scanner. Only after that I could reach the reception.

After the terrorist attack on the Bombay TAJ the security has been tightened up in all TAJ hotels and now the initial reaction of a guest is something like entering a high security zone like the airport. The TAJ management has tightened the security in all their hotels all over the country to prevent another terrorist attack and also to make their guests feel safe and secure in their premises without compromising on their world class hospitality.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is a comment written by me in Sana's blog Musings under her post-THE DARKNESS NEVER ENDS.Please visit her blog to check up her interesting and thought provoking post.
A thought provoking post and you have beautifully portrayed how humans become inhumans by choosing evil.

A human being has a conscience where as wild animals which kill other animals for food don't have.Animals don't have conscience or common sense. This is why we are masters over them. We can use our conscience to select evil or good.We can choose to starve for a day or steal. We can chose to live in penury or rob people and become rich. We can choose to love peace or react in anger and destroy other people. We can have religious tolerance or can kill people,innocent children,destroy landmark buildings and terrorize to make them submissive and follow what we believe.

Jesus clearly said that those who take the sword will perish by the sword.There is no escape for evil men and women.They will get double punishment both in this world and in the next.They can't perpetrate evil and get away with it. As far as I know all evil men have been punished in this world itself. The perpetrators of evil will be brought to justice some day or the other.The reason is that vast majority of people are good,love peace and as you said human.They are against evil and perpetrators of evil in any form.

In the Bible, the fist perpetrator of evil,Cain who killed his brother Abel, thought that God did not see his evil act.But God called out to him and said Abel's blood is crying to HIM.And God punished Cain.

You will find evil people punished every where in the world.There is no escape for them.The terrorists hijacked planes,killed innocent people and children,destroyed the famous Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, trained and funded terrorists etc. but these terrorists only increased the resolve of the civilized world to fight terrorists on all fronts.The terrorists will be hounded out of their hiding place and severely punished.Nations that encourage,fund,train and equip terrorists to serve their political ends will soon have to face the wrath of nations which want to live in peace and harmony.

If you read Dr.Faustus by Christopher Marlowe you will find that Dr.Marlowe is a highly accomplished man and yet he wants to control the world with the assistance of the devil. While the good angel constantly tells him not to follow these evil thoughts the devil persuades him to sell his soul for becoming the master of the world.The end is disastrous and the devil completely grips Dr.Marlowe in his tight hold and finally drags him to hell.

This is the burning subject of the day and is in the minds of every one all over the world. I am sure you will have plenty to say about this.