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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Gays have been there in the world probably since the beginning of human beings. But they were a silent lot. They did not come out in the open. They confined their activities in private. But now they are well organized, have unions and associations and become very vociferous. Some countries have succumbed to their protests and agitations and were compelled to make their activities legal.

Gays are special people and very small in number when compared to the world population. Some how, nature has made them such they have inherent deficiencies. However it must be understood that they are very capable people and some of them are leaders in many professions.

So what is the big deal in legalizing same sex marriage. It serves no purpose. Gays cannot have children. Gays can adopt children.

What kind of life these children will have without  a mother?

 Can gays feed children with mothers milk?

Can they give a true mothers love and affection? Almost all of us were brought up by mothers. Can we get our mothers love from any one else? It is quite possible that some were brought up in foster homes.

What kind of human beings these children will turn out in the end?

These are some of the questions that come to my mind.

Some politicians may pat themselves and think that they have done something great by helping the gays getting legal recognition. I think they are only interested in getting votes to remain in power. They are not thinking about the society at large. They don’t care if their actions pollute and compromise the welfare of the large majority of people. I won’t be surprised many normal youngsters start experimenting  gay relationships.

Are we encouraging the present generation to become perverse?

I know some of you feel strongly about the legal sanction to gay marriage. Some of you may approve and others may object. Please write your thoughts without any reservations.