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Wednesday, December 24, 2014



Friday, December 19, 2014


Christmas is fast approaching. The city of Kochi is decked up with a riot of colors. The shops have started selling stars, cribs, trees, decorative lights, Santa Clause etc. The is a rush for buying these things for decorating the houses, offices and institutions, churches, parks etc.

Christmas is the most colorful festival in India.  A time for joy, merriment, carols, feasting,dancing etc. because Jesus Christ, Son of God, was born in this world in human form to save mankind from eternal damnation. Actually, after our first parents, Adam and Eve, sinned against God and were thrown out of Paradise, God did not abandon mankind. HE sent several Prophets to guide us. However, man continued to live in sin. Finally God sent HIS only begotten Son to save mankind so that those who believed in HIM will be rewarded with eternal happiness in Heaven and others will be damned to everlasting suffering in Hell.

Here are some photos from Kochi for your visual pleasure. 

How is your city decked up for Christmas? It will be interesting to know.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The construction of Metro Rail has been going on for more than two years. It is expected that it will take another two or three years to commission the first stage. The total investment is about Rs.6500 crores.

It is said that the metro rail in Koch will ensure easy,fast mass transportation. It will propel Kochi as one of the major metro cities in India. Metro rail will also help to ease the traffic congestion in the city.

The negative points about Kochi metro rail are many. Firstly, what we need in Kochi urgently  are road over bridges to ease traffic congestion. Other cities which have gone for metro rail have first constructed many road over bridges before embarking on the construction of metro rail. Secondly, Kochi is facing numerous other problems connected with garbage disposal, drinking water, drainage facilities, good roads and mosquito menace. The huge amount being spent for constructing metro rail could bave been used for these purposes. Thirdly, it is said that the metro rail will take about ten years to pay for itself. Till then the government will have to support metro rail with tax payers money. This could also mean more taxes will be levied by the government to run the metro rail.

Till the construction is over Kochi will be facing severe traffic jams since a large portion of the middle of the road is blocked for construction. The dust pollution, the gas smell and the exhaust pollution have become unbearable. This is going to affect the public health very seriously.
What do you think? Does Kochi need metro rail urgently  or whether this huge amount of money could have been used for eliminating garbage problem, mosquito menace, improving drainage facilities and providing drinking water? 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I was at the beach one evening hoping to capture interesting scenes with my camera. However,there was nothing interesting. The sky was cloudy, the sea looked dark and the people looked  dull and uninteresting. Even the birds were flying back to their nests quietly against the dark sky. I was depressed. So I bought a chocolate ice cream and sat on a bench to enjoy it wondering why everything looked so unattractive.

It is the beginning of December and there had been no rains except some brief showers early mornings. The evening sky should have been clear normally at this point of  time in the year. There should have been some dance programs or other entertaining events on the open stage at the beach. People should be laughing and talking loudly with excitement. But I could see nothing to grab my attention.

As I sat ruminating the dismal picture of the  evening, I suddenly saw  bright sunlight piercing through the cloudy sky. I took out the camera and waited patiently for the sun to  come out of the cloud into the clear space throwing   dazzling red  light for a brief moment all over the sea and sand and light up the face of the people. Yes, it slowly came out and this it what I saw. Only half of the bright sun could be seen as though hanging  from the clouds. After some time the bottom half disappeared and the top half could been see. Gradually, the sun disappeared behind the clouds in the distant horizon. I was overwhelmed by the bewitching beauty that just appeared for a brief time.

This is what happens in real life too. When we are depressed and unhappy over something suddenly an opportunity arises for us to change the situation. If we are alert we will grab it with both our hands and lift ourselves up. If we are not alert the opportunity to redeem ourselves will slip out our hands.

So let us hope for the best at all times. Something good will always happen even in the worst situations.