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Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is one of the play schools where the communist government implements it's mid day meal program. Poor parents send their children here to study alphabets, play, have a free meal. You can see the poor construction of this structure. When the sun is hot this structure becomes a boiling cauldron. When it rains, it becomes a swimming pool. You can imagine how handicapped the poor children are. They start with a great disadvantage in life. Can any of these children aspire to reach high positions is society? I don’t think so.May be there will be some exceptions but most of them will end up being poor like their parents doing menial jobs and going through a tough life lacking basic amenities.

This is a play school near this poor school where parents who can afford send their children. Needless to say these children have a head start over the poor children. They get better education and better facilities. Most of these children will acquire better qualifications and occupy high posts and positions of power and influence in society.

How did this inequality happen? After all God created everyone equal with the same mental faculties, abilities, talents and so on. I am in the dark.Are the poor parents to be blamed for not giving proper facilities for their children? I hope you will be able to throw some light on this glaring inequality.


  1. oh it happens here in the states as well...the rich drop crumbs from the table for the rest of us...human greed...

  2. Hi Joseph, your pictures sadden me deeply.Just to see the contrast between rich and poor. Just as the other gentleman commented it happens here, there, and everywhere. It is a global epidemic. And the cure is not easy. Greed is the virus. Inequality and injustice are in part their results.

    I am not talking about success here and prosperity. This is good. BUT I am confused as what is excessive. How much is enough before we give back? There are one or two people living in large four to five bedroom homes where others live in their cars or worse. A single person with two or three expensive cars while others have none. Just think of it, the price of just one of those cars could allow one child an education. That would mean everything for that child. And the person wouldn't even miss the extra car. WHAT MORE CAN I SAY????

  3. It's the same old saying Joseph, one life for the rich the other for the poor. It don't seem fair somehow but that's what life is like.

    The pictures were all to evident to see.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. You make a good point Joseph. God did create everyone equally. And no, the poor parents cannot be blamed for something they have no power to change. But I think the richer parents can't be completely to blame either.

    The truth is that no matter what our situation may be in life there have always been and always will be people who rise above their circumstances. And if someone knows God He will give them wisdom and strength to achieve more for his glory.

    Human beings are sinful all over the world. It could be that the government in this circumstance has made a series of poor decisions that have made it difficult for the poor to have better facilities for their children. But then that allows the community to step in and do something about it.

    The poor parents don't have to accept that this is all their children will ever have. These parents just need the right opportunities. And not all rich people are selfish. Many want to help but if no one steps out and takes that first step of trust it will never happen.

  5. That's a big question, Joseph, and the answers to it are not easy. If you think about it you will see that the blame cannot be heaped upon one or two because a multitude of factors contributed to the situation... weak government, weak programs and systems, time-worn mind sets that need change, corrupt institutions and politics, the individual person resistant to change ... and lots more.

    Maybe we should take just one and try to make a difference in it. The greater good for a greater number might create that change we desire... bit by bit.

  6. Hi joseph sir

    Good theme !!!

    This situation exists in rural areas of kerala.

    Govt may thing to do well....

    In tamilnadu, situation is better than kerala.

    thanks for sharing........

  7. It's the great divide, I'm afraid. Ellen is right in her analysis.

  8. I wrote a nice long comment an d it got wiped out, so I am starting again.

    Yes the disparity between the rich and poor is very glaring with no easy solutions all the world over.

    So much so in India as it is augmented by - poor politics or irrirponsible polititians, illiteracy,the caste sysytem,over population, corruption etc. etc.

    But there are success stories, our PM studied under a street lamp, the ex Prez belongs to a poor family and look at the Ambanis.

    Youth from a poor back ground lack the motivation to studybecause they ask ; will education get us a job???

    The poor have a heart and want to do the best for their kids, many times it yeilds good results.

    But the youth wants an easy life and fast money that is why the crime rate is rising.

  9. My father too studied under street lamps, he had a great desire to study medicine, but there was no money, so he studied Pharmacy and passed out getting a first class and joined the Army, to support his parents and so on. He did well in his life, he struggled, had a lot of responsibilities, still, he never gave up his jest for life, and he still living looking after his affairs with no help from anyone,he is going to be 90 this year.
    I agree many factors are there behind this rich and poor division, but just putting the blame on the rich or God is not the solution. Every one from the government to people like us, along with the children must move forward with one goal in our mind to create a decent life for everyone.
    ‎" When a man is willing and eager, the gods too join in" ---- Aeschylus
    However, I can fully relate to your sadness in this so called difference between the rich and the poor.

  10. It is man that has failed, not God. God gave us the know how and ability to fix things, but discrimination is a fact of life. If you have money, you benefit in life, but the meek will enter heaven first. Very nice post, it looks like kids built the poor school. I have never known any communist country to be good to its poor. Thank you for coming by, and yes, fruit has become very costly.

  11. Joseph, I like the contrast you created in the pictures." Poverty is no sin but terribly inconvenient." It is a vicious circle as you rightly pointed out. One needs great effort and perhaps a well-extended helping hand to get out of such squalor. I personally know how hard it is to START A DISTANCE BEHIND THE STARTING LINE when others have a head start. !

  12. Josheph, Oh how this wold make every kid in my school glad to know that we have such a place. "The rich may need poverty to teach themselves humility, but the poor should never have to suffer poverty for the price of being humble." I don't know who said it and at times I don't understand it but it is a quote I cherish, and that your post has really put into perspective :) Thanks, Joseph.


  13. Hi Joseph! It's suppose to be the task of someone to create a level playing field...

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  15. I think even small schools can provide great education is teachers are sincere and the govt. gives them a reason to bloom, but providing corruption free services.
    The mid day meal given to the children should be hygienic, proper infdrastructure should be provided for the kids of the poor so that tomorrow they can walk shoulder to shoulder with the rich.
    Good education will bring happiness in their life and it is sure a fact!

  16. Man makes all these inequalities cheta!!! And finally when God gets frustrated, I think he creates the natural calamities to bring back things to equal!!!
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  17. It is a global plight. Poverty is hard to eradicate because of many issues at hand. As individuals we can help - target a group and work with them.Results will appear before our eyes:)

  18. Less fortunate. For all to realize rich and poor
    may be.... Almighty's creations / justification what else one can say.