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Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is a comment written by me in RAMA’S blog- TIME, TIME ….. I HAVE ALL THE TIME.

Time plays a great role depending on the age of a person. I will definitely not like a youngster to waste time. When a person is young and embarking on a career, time is very important. Time is precious. For such persons there is a saying DON'T KILL TIME, TIME WILL KILL YOU.

Youngsters who squander away their time without proper planning will end up being failures in life. Any achievement is the result of proper utilization of time. There is also a saying TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NO BODY. Let it be the king and queen, president and prime minister or a beggar on the road – all have only 24 hours in a day. No more no less. How effectively this given time is used will go a long way in determining the success or failure of a person.

At our age when we have accomplished many things in life and can look with some satisfaction upon the fact that we have done fairly well, fulfilled our duties and responsibilities we are entitled to take it easy and enjoy our life without worrying about wasting time. At this age even if we idle away our time doing nothing but staring vacantly or recalling the past incidents in our life which gave us joy or sadness is well spent and we need not regret or feel guilty about it.

The fact still remains TIME WILL ULTIMATELY CATCH UP WITH US. WE CANNOT ESCAPE TIME.TIME IS DEADLY. After all THE TIME THAT WE HAVE IN THIS WORLD IS LIMITED. We have to make the best use of it in living a satisfied and fulfilled life without any regrets or remorse.

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  1. A wonderful post Joseph, excellently written and pictures are superb.

    Thank you for the award, I am honoured you have thought of me and will put it on my blog with pride.

  2. time is a valuable commodity...we spend it wether we want to or not the only thing that lasts are the things we choose to invest it in..

  3. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and for the award too.

    I admire your writing and photos Mr Joseph.

  4. Hi Joseph, who is that pretty looking lady in the dining hall?

  5. Time is something that we spend inadvertently and later regret about not utilizing it properly,

    a very good time comment..

    congrats fr winning the award..

  6. Hello Rama,

    This lady is working in one my customer's office where I was invited for Onam sadya.

    Best wishes,

  7. Hi Joseph! Finally some time to stop by...
    Congrats on the Award!! Well deserved!!

    Blogtrotter Two is still strolling in Amsterdam... Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

  8. Hi Joseph sir

    Congrats !!!

    And also thanks to give an award to me.

    This is my first awards. It will inspire me
    to write more... more....

  9. Hi Joseph Sir,

    This is first award to me. I am not aware how to collect award from your blog....

  10. Procrastination.. is a theft of time.. you are giving some very wise advise.. to youngsters about NOT wasting time... I am also trying to get into college, get my career started and achieve something for myself.. my goals.. and dreams.. TIME WILL ULTIMATELY CATCH UP WITH US. WE CANNOT ESCAPE TIME.TIME IS DEADLY. After all THE TIME THAT WE HAVE IN THIS WORLD IS LIMITED. .. very well said I am also trying no to waste any precious time.. I've lost people who I loved and I also cherish the time I spent with them

  11. oh ans congrats on your award xo

  12. Congrats Joseph :)
    Thank you so much for passing it to me. It is greatly appreciated. Time is a constant friend, enemy, companion, mentor. You can't escape it and you can't run from it. But you can abuse it and lose track of it until it catches up to you. I am constantly abusing my time and often trying to speed it up. But time moves at it's own pace and I will never be able to change that, fortunately. Thanks for sharing :)
    God Bless,

  13. Whatever we sow in time we will reap in eternity.

  14. Joseph, thanks for the award. It amazes me how you have deep interest in others when all over the world people are too busy with themselves. Selfless people are too few and far apart these days. You are one of the few. God bless. Take care. Blog on.

  15. Wonderful. Time management is absolutely essential.

    yes agree with you
    wonderful post

  17. hi joseph, a wonderful post! how are u?

  18. Hi Joseph!

    Your comments are always so well thought out and full of the wisdom and understanding that you've compiled over the years. I love reading your comments! I agree with you that it is so important for us to make efficient use of time when we're young adults, and that as we grow older we should be free to spend our time any way we want to, without guilt. It could be looked at as the reward for the responsible choices and hard work of the earlier years. I know that you make great and faithful use of your time whatever you're doing, whether that be writing, reading, blogging, taking pictures, or simply walking around, thinking, and noticing what's around you. You inspire us all, Joseph! Thank you!

    Mel :)