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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Violence begets violence. This is a simple, pure, unadultrated fact of life.

Yet we find at different times in the history of the world violent people terrorizing mankind and wantonly killing innocent people and destroying property. They have all met a violent death in the end.

The free world which wants to live in peace and harmony will ultimately catch up with the murderers and give them a befitting punishment. The vast majority of the people in the world shun violence and they have to be protected from demented, cruel, murderous, inhuman people who constitute an insignificant minority.

Appeasing evil doers will only go to encourage and motivate them to do more and more despicable acts. A thorn can be taken out only by a thorn and any amount of cajoling, persuasion and incentives will not produce the desired results. It will only be misread as a sign of weakness.

In any case those who take the sword will die by the sword. This happened to Hitler, Mussolini, Maximilien Robespierre and many other evil men who stalked the world unleashing violence and perpetrating mindless murders.

Peaceful people should always expect a violent man to come on the scene at some time or the other and it is the duly of all peace loving nations to nip violence in the bud.

Sometimes the leadership of a nation is violent and they encourage, sponsor, train and arm terrorists and sent them to other countries to cause havoc. Then it is the duty of United Nations to step in keeping aside their narrow national interests, take strong punitive measures and ensure that the evil leadership is removed without much loss of time.

What is your view on terrorism and terrorists?


  1. wow. you certainly hit a hot button today joseph...specific to this weeks incident. was i sad to see him dead, no...was i sad to see people celebrating in the streets any death, a bit...

  2. An issue that many won't agree,
    Violence and retalliation go hand in hand.
    Terrorist on the other hand is a different matter, unsuspecting people travelling or in their place of work have their lives cut short by people who have been trained to kill.
    By killing their leader is going to cause repercussions throughout the world by the people he trained is that a reason to dance in the street?
    As I said a topical issue which people don't agree on.
    Have a good day.

  3. Blessings....
    Unfortunately we have become a society where sex and violence is the norm and such people have become desensitized to the damage it can cause until it visits upon their family and loved ones.

  4. Terrorism cannot achieve what its perpetrators are aiming it. They can only satisfy their idealogical sentiemts for a while.

    But an armed struggle and action is necessary at times to maintain peace and crush evil men.

  5. Terrorism is scourge, but you have to look at the causes too. Often governments themselves are responsible for it by providing direct support to militant groups or inadvertently by their own incompetent management of affairs. Also poverty and unnecessary wars increases the chances of terrorism.

  6. Terrorism is the curse of this age. The world has passed from the age of innocence, and will never be a peaceful place anymore. It has its roots in greed, lies, decients and, twisted ideologies and religious teachings. Terrorism seeks to damage, destroy and kill mercilessly in the name of justice and with the false notion of returning peace to the world.

    I salute Mahatma Gandhi and his ideologies in this matter.

  7. Thank you Joseph for you very lovely comment,
    I can't fathom out what went wrong, the last time we spoke all was well.
    I am a wee bit afraid for tomorrow and clear forgot it was my birthday Tuesday which also makes it my grandaughters' birthday also, I will send a card whether she will get it from her dad is a different matter,

    Have a nice week.

  8. I hate violence and I hate terrorism. I fear that the world and the people in it have indeed gone mad.

  9. We are experiencing an entirely different world than the one that I grew up in. The advent of the computer and all the new technology have forced us to become one world. We don't have the luxury of isolationism any more and fear sets in when we have to learn to accept others points of view. I hate that terrorism has made so many fearful of the muslims and others who don't believe as we do...but the terrorists must be stopped so that we can all learn to live together.

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  11. I think I live in a free country because brave men are willing to do dark deeds behind the scenes.
    God bless our military in the USA. Not only do they protect us, they provide compassionate care for the rest of the world when trouble hits. Witness the recent troubles in Japan, Thailand, etc.
    The Bible says if you live by the sword, you'll die by the sword. It's a personal choice and all actions have consequences, good and bad.

  12. I'm not sure my comment was posted but, essentially, quoted the Bible, "if you live by the sword, you'll die by the sword". In the USA, we live freely because brave men are willing to do dark deeds behind the scenes. People make choices every day and all our choices have consequences, both good and bad.

  13. Hello Joseph, I stopped in from Ginnie's Goldendaze blog and you have made some very good points on terrorism. My opinion is that be publicizing more and more of these violent acts, both in new reports and films, we are aiding the increase of more violence. Unfortunately killing and maiming seem to interest far too many people. A sad commentary on the world today.

  14. nice post...
    do you believe that america is perforeming its duty rightly?>

  15. Hi Joseph sir

    nice post

    i inserted the award in my blog


  16. Hello Joseph, love and hate,war and peace, good and evil contrast and contradiction are ever present. I choose to embrace love, peace, and good.

  17. Hmmmm… What do I think of terrorists? I think they’re people like you and me, who have unfortunately been raised in a home or family or culture that has taught them a certain worldview. I have compassion for them because I think they’re in prisons of guilt, fear, violence, and deception. I pray that God will open blind eyes and soften hard hearts and fill them with His love.

    What do I think of terrorism? That it’s tragic and sad. And that I refuse to live in fear of it. I am looking forward with hope and anticipation to the day when God’s kingdom will be established on Earth as it is in Heaven, when lions will lie down with lambs, and all will dwell together in peace and love.

    Thanks so much for making us all think, Joseph! Have a wonderful day, Sir Master Blogger!

    Mel :o)

  18. Hi Joseph! Unfortunately things aren't always what they should be...

    After the Blogger calamity this week, Blogtrotter Two is showing the last post on Amsterdam 2010... Enjoy and have a superb Sunday and week ahead!!

  19. Hi Joseph,
    Violence is always abhorent and can never be acceptable.