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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Gays have been there in the world probably since the beginning of human beings. But they were a silent lot. They did not come out in the open. They confined their activities in private. But now they are well organized, have unions and associations and become very vociferous. Some countries have succumbed to their protests and agitations and were compelled to make their activities legal.

Gays are special people and very small in number when compared to the world population. Some how, nature has made them such they have inherent deficiencies. However it must be understood that they are very capable people and some of them are leaders in many professions.

So what is the big deal in legalizing same sex marriage. It serves no purpose. Gays cannot have children. Gays can adopt children.

What kind of life these children will have without  a mother?

 Can gays feed children with mothers milk?

Can they give a true mothers love and affection? Almost all of us were brought up by mothers. Can we get our mothers love from any one else? It is quite possible that some were brought up in foster homes.

What kind of human beings these children will turn out in the end?

These are some of the questions that come to my mind.

Some politicians may pat themselves and think that they have done something great by helping the gays getting legal recognition. I think they are only interested in getting votes to remain in power. They are not thinking about the society at large. They don’t care if their actions pollute and compromise the welfare of the large majority of people. I won’t be surprised many normal youngsters start experimenting  gay relationships.

Are we encouraging the present generation to become perverse?

I know some of you feel strongly about the legal sanction to gay marriage. Some of you may approve and others may object. Please write your thoughts without any reservations.


  1. Would it surprise you to know that I do not care? I am not interested in the sex lives or lifestyles of anyone. What consenting ADULTS choose to do is none of my business. Don't shove it under my nose and I do not care. As far as marriages being legal... marriage pertaining to law is strictly for the purpose of paying a tax to the government to cohabit. A religious ceremony is to comply with the rules of a chosen religion. In other words it really does not matter to me.

  2. A most interesting and astute post. My partner and I were just talking about this subject recently. Sometimes nature needs a hand to help a Heterosexual couple have children but it is still nature with a helping hand and the balance is there.

    Of course there will be those who argue that if people were meant to fly we would have been born with wings and man adapts. Not the same thing when it comes to children.

  3. Do not be conformed to the ways of this world...

    It all comes down to who you gaive authority to over your life. If you give it to the courts, there you go. If you give it to God, I would say his law is over the courts. I think that scripture clearly lays out that homosexual relations are a sin.

    We can not legislate morality. We have laws against killing, and yet people kill. We have commandments against killing, and people kill.

    Where I will have a problem is if in "Sex Education" at schools they begin teaching homosexuality as a viable relationship. That will go against the religeous beliefs of some and I imagine three will be plenty of court battles. But you know it is coming.

    I think that we often argue things that waste our energy. Will I perform a homosexual marriage - no it is against my beliefs. Do I have a problem with homosexuals, no. It is their life and they must choose. I have several as good friends, but that does not mean I condone their behavior.

  4. I really don't care, but I think this will open the door to plural marriage and perhaps some other oddities. And, okay, if that floats your boat....but don't demand that priests or churches marry you. If want us to respect your ways, then you must respect ours.

    I think there is far too much of expecting others to bend for you going on in this country. But...that is a post for another day.

  5. They have made this such a political issue. I avoid political issues as much as I can. I don't really care what other people do unless they hurt other people.

    1. "They have made this such a political issue."

      Why do say political rather than moral? It's certainly moral to Joseph, and it's moral to me too, but from the other direction.

  6. Sodomy has been a generation to generation phenomenal, and no country can actually be excluded. Its only call for attention when its been legalized by the institution which supposed to protect the morality of its citizens. haven considered the following dangers of such a union among others.

    1.Marriage between male and female has
    been consigned to the uncivilised basket of
    the primordial time.

    2.The legal natural and conventional means
    of procreation of children has been
    rubbished and rendered irrelevant.

    3.Adoption of other people’s children has
    become a new artificial means of increasing
    human demography.

    4.Through a devilish connivance with Europe,
    America has challenged the authority of the
    Almighty God to make law for mankind.

    Human history is generally dotted with waves
    of civilisations from era to era. The fall of
    one civilisation has always signaled the
    beginning of another.

    Where are the civilisations of the yore today?
    Haven’t such ancient civilisations, such as
    Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Mesopotamian,
    Carthaginian, Greek and Roman each of
    which lasted far more than a thousand years
    now become sheer rubbles on the pages of
    history? From the experience of history, we
    have come to learn that when a civilisation
    wants fall, its conductors will begin to see
    themselves as super human beings and clad
    in the garb of arrogance. That is now the lot
    of America which amounts to challenging the
    authority of God.

    1. I am amazed at the extensive knowledge you have on the subject. Best wishes

  7. You will probably guess my response. As a humanist I am in favour of the law. You mentioned mother's milk. To me it is more important to focus on human love. Will children raised by gays have that? Yes, because I have seen them. A person's achievement or failure as a parent is not down to their sexuality or culture or religion or gender. It is down to their whole human self. To me it does not matter whether gay people want to get married or not, only that they are consider themselves to be as human as everyone else and that we treat them as such. The same goes with black people, Hindus, disabled, women, you name it, we're a diverse bunch. Why the blinkers?

    Greetings from London.

    1. Your viewpoint on the subject is interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi Joseph. I've found you again.

    As remembered, you post interesting topics and this one especially. I agree with Cuban's comment on the subject and definitely agree with the new law. It isn't so much for now as for the future, to legalise situations. I have often wondered about the difficulties ahead, at times of sickness and death, and the need to prove relationships.

  9. Oh but you're truly at your best with big issues such as this. You make people think with your posts. Thank you, and keep on shining with your light.

    Best regards.

  10. You have certainly chosen a sensitive topic! I have several gay friends. (There seems to be quite a few of them in the arts.) I do not understand that lifestyle, but I do not judge them. As far as marriage goes, I am a conservative, old fashioned person who believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. I believe the purpose of marriage is to create a stable family environment. Yes, gay people can adopt and love children, but I wonder if there would be any negative affects on the child from having two same-sex parents. Men and women approach parenting differently. I would be interested on seeing long-term studies done on it. I also realize that gay couples would like the same government benefits as heterosexual couples, and they want their love recognized. I think though, that there may be problems with the crossing of church and state when religious officials refuse to marry same-sex couples. This is a semantics thing, but I almost wish it could be called a "civil union" rather than a marriage.

    1. Sherry Ellis said:

      "This is a semantics thing, but I almost wish it could be called a "civil union" rather than a marriage."

      I agree with Sherry... I think of a marriage as being between a man and a woman... and like her, I agree with the idea of a 'civil union.' I don't want to see a government mandating to a religion that they should have to accept some accord that is at odds with their belief system.


  11. When two people love each other, why aren't they allowed to make such devotion and commitment legal and binding, regardless of their gender or sexual preference? Unions need to be "legalized" in the eyes of the law with regards to property and even when consent is needed or required. How is committing into one by virtue of marriage considered "perverse"? Love is love and it takes so many forms, and we all have the right to make it official, one that is recognized by the state. Won't it make better individuals if we actually "commit" to love, to cherish and to stand by another person until the last breaths of their lives? How is looking down on the choices of others a form of "respect"? There are concerns here, situations that don't quite make the criteria for what is traditional, but it is time that people should wake up to the realities of the new age - and allow people who love each other commit into something more than just bed partners.

  12. Believe in the right of the individual to choose their own lifestyle ~

    happy weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. __I thank you for your visit, Joseph, welcome!
    A few points:
    _1, The words >less is more< are not mine, 'tis an old Japanese phrase to metaphorically avoid tripping over our own clutter.
    _2, Life style should be regulated by inner, socio-religious morality... not
    legislation; just ask my daughter.
    _3, Today, if I use the word GAY... within its original definition to which " I " hold true... I could quite easily be accused being -insulting-,.regardless of the true context of that word's use. __In today's society... if someone uses the word >moon< to describe that glowing globe in the night sky, someone, somewhere, might feel offended.

    I hope I haven't anyone_! Smiles and best wishes to all_! _m

  14. I think this law is a good thing

  15. They need to be treated like any other human beings

  16. Hi Joseph!
    Personally, I really don't think it matters at all whether a couple are heterosexual or same sex. What matters is whether or not they love each other.
    I have no problem at all with same sex marriages.
    If they are in love, then they should be allowed to marry.

    Many thanks for a great post!

    Have a good day.:)

  17. Hi Joseph! What a controversial topic you have tackled! I have known gay people throughout my life, and they are largely fine and decent people. I can say the same thing about heterosexual people. I believe in the dignity and worth of each human being, and I see the gay rights movement as a civil rights movement. In the USA religion and state are separate. No religious entity should be forced to perform a marriage that goes against its tenets. But gay people should not be denied the civil rights that others have, including marriage performed by a civil servant. As an elementary teacher, I have seen many kinds of families; the most challenged are those where there is a single poor parent. I have observed many heterosexual couples who do not provide a stable and nurturing home for their children, and I've observed gay female and male couples who are great parents. One thing that children always need is to be loved for who they are. If children are loved, guided, and supported they usually turn out to be happy and productive adults. That can be achieved by gay and by straight parents, and isn't that the goal of all parents? Thanks for listening to all these points that different commentators have shared.

  18. I fully support the gay marriage.
    we must respect human rights and maintain equality

  19. it's been said that all humans must not be deprived of their human rights of happiness, life and the likes. Give them the equal treatment of the law. and inform them of their duties and responsibilities entailing the exercise of such right.

  20. I have no issue whatsoever with this. I'm in full support. We all thrive on love.

  21. This is controversial. And though I am a Christian, I say as an individual that gays have a right to a relationship and marriage. I have a lot of gay friends who are good people. So I'm speaking not on behalf of the church but as a person.

  22. I support the right of gay people to get married and also to adopt children. All children deserve parents who want them and can provide a loving home.

  23. I have been staying out of this....I have gay friends that I wish well for them.

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  26. Hi! Joseph you have chosen a very relevant topic for the present social climate.The topic is very vast and we can go ahead very elaborately.Now coming to the point,at the outset itself I shall reveal that I am against gay or lesbian's marriage.I don't like to attach such a holy word with this beastly activity( not even beasts do this),I would call it a tainted act. I shall bring forth some points in support to my thoughts and feelings.

    Nature comprises of two kinds of beings homosexuals and bisexuals.The Nature has given homesexuals their featues such that they have that method of union and reproduction whereas the bisexuals have very vivid male-female body-features of severance.Then why should they go for homo?When the Nature itself has given us bifurcation for bisexuality homosexuality is in fact perverse also.

    Gay or lesbian marriage is legalized if,the social climate will become solely favourable to the homosexuals.More people may choose it and as a result it will progressively expand in number and the population will naturally contract.When it is not legal, at least some people will wipe off their desire from the mind fearing the reputation in the society and others who go for it will build a hide-out for themselves.

    Until now the same category of people can move freely irrespective of their age. In a legalized society anybody can develop any sort of lust for others and hence children may fall prey to the hands of ruffians, rogues and so on.

    The open acceptance of gay marriage will have its implication in the society and hence children also will get some hints of information.They may experiment it in their life out of curiosity.

    If we go on debating on it we may find words and sentences flowing for the topic.I am concluding fully supporting only the conventional conservative life style of bisexualty.It will deteriorate the very harmony prevalent in the surroundings.

    1. I had posted two times my comment here.I think the second one happened before your approval of the first. Now I saw that one comment had some mistakes;might have posted without reading it.So I deleted that. Regret for this inconvenience caused to you.

    2. No problem at all. I am delighted to read your thoughtful comment.

      Best wishes

    3. As a point of fact there are approximately 1500 animal species who practice homosexuality.

  27. The incomplete comment had got published here.

  28. It's as simple as this. I don't think I have the right to tell someone else who they can love and live with anymore than they have the right to tell me who I can love and live with.

  29. I think the things that are seen rarely and spoken of less are the things that are hard to accept by the majority. Everyone wants to be right and accepted for what they think and say and hence there is always a majority of like minded people who forms code of conduct and how others should lead their lives. The gay/lesbians took so much time to come up and raise their voices for their rights before the majority! If you will accept yourself for who you are the world will accept you, and now they are being accepted as normals unlike before!

    I loved the first comment on this post by Emma " I am not interested in the sex lives or lifestyles of anyone. What consenting ADULTS choose to do is none of my business. "
    Nice post! :)

  30. I want them to be trested as human beings. Though thry msy not have children ehy csn't teo duch people live together under what ever name.