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Friday, April 16, 2010


All of you know I'm not a magician. I cannot change anything into anything even in my dreams. Then how did dolphin become a ship. This is what happened.

I was in Vypeen Island to take some photos of dolphins. I saw some of them. They came over the surface of the water for a second and vanished instantly. They didn’t jump in the air like trained dolphins. They also appeared to be huge and dark. The problem with taking photos of these dolphins is that I did not know where they will surface and when they surfaced it will be only for a second. I clicked and clicked and clicked. I only got plain water in the photos. I spent quite a long time waiting and clicking. No photo of dolphin. Finally, I became desperate and frustrated. I am sure people would have thought that I was insane for just taking photos of the plain backwaters.

As I stood there wondering what to do, disappointed , sweating in the sweltering heat and fed up, I heard the sound of a ship, a peculiar bellowing sound which only ships can make. I looked in the direction of the sound. I saw a white cruise ship slowly inching away from the berth. It was interesting. It took a long time for the ship to move away from the berth with the help of a pilot boat.(Please click on the photos for a larger view._

Then it started going on the reverse

After some time it steadied itself with its nose towards the sea. It stood motionless for a while.I thought it was hesitating and pondering whether it should undertake the long arduous journey or not.But then it had a job to do:)

I watched with admiration. It started moving slowly at first and steadily increased the speed. It was gliding on the water like a huge, bewitching swan, majestic and grand. I was amazed to see the monstrous metallic gargantuan moving effortlessly with ease and grace with great momentum

Soon it reached opposite me and started moving towards the Arabian sea with incredible speed.

Don't think that the ship is caught in the Chinese fishing net:)

I watched with my eyes riveted on the fast propelling gracious beauty, thoroughly fascinated until it became a speck in the horizon.

Don’t ask me about the dolphins. I don’t give up that easily. I will surely get some photos one day. Or at least I hope so:)


  1. Good evening Joseph

    Very B_I_G_ ... ship :-)
    You have make a wonderful post
    it sounds very interesting.
    Your shots are fantastic
    thanks for sharing this beaauty's
    I will wait on the the dolphins :)))))

    Have a relaxing weekend
    greetings Anya :-)

  2. What a tale, a wonderful write Joseph, sorry you missed the dolphins, but as you say one day you will get them.
    The photo's are superb as usual.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  3. Hi Joseph! That was quite an adventure. I'm sorry you missed the dolphins but I must say I enjoyed your post about the ship. I enjoyed the photos, too.

    I hope you get the dolphin pictures you want in the near future.^^

  4. hope you catch you dolphins. there is just something about something that big moving with slow grace and power...have a wonderful weekend joseph.

  5. Ha ha your caption is very catchy I must say, when I read it I was wondering how is it that dolphins turned into a ship, may be Mr. Joseph got confused ..he he or was it an illusion...then when I looked at the snaps I got the real story. Catch lines play an important part be it a great post like yours of a news that needs to be highlighted.
    Waiting for the dolphins to surface again!! :)

  6. One trip i made to Atlantic beach , i was swimming in the big waves. I looked up and acroos my view where three fins. Others saw the too, and someone yelled out "look at the dolphins!" It was such a blessing to have been swimming in the ocean with them. I hope you get to see them again.

  7. Really cool.. hope u had a big hunt while searching for a small one..

  8. Hi Joseph. Although big and beautiful, and my kind of ship, Seabourn Odyssey is a poor substitute for the gorgeoous dolphins. Maybe one day you'll get lucky and take plenty of pictures. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the various shots of the ship.

  9. Hi Joseph,
    Good story. Photos are outstanding as always. Hope next time the dolphins will not vanish so quicly.

  10. Lovely series of pictures.
    Which day was this ?

  11. hi joseph, good luck for ur new blog!

  12. Lovely pictures there Mr.Joseph....hmm..bad luck with the dolphins...when you were there just to see them!..ironically,i saw Dolphins never knowing it...travelling back on Boat! was my first time and i was wondering whether it could be a shark!

  13. Yes, watching the antics of Dolphin's at the Vypeen harbour-mouth is very entertaining.

    I too tried in a similar way to capture the dolphins & ended up taking photos of a cruise ship AIDA Cara last week.

  14. For whatever reason, you were destined to see and photograph that ship and not the dolphins that day. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You missed the playful dolphins but you caught the gliding beauty Mr J.

    Wow what a beauty. I would love to sail in a ship like this, but I 'd feel uneasy among the rich people on board LOL

  16. A beautifully written post, Joseph Sir. It was a delight to read it and to see the pictures as well. You definitely have a way with words. Have a great day.

  17. A very interesting post, Joseph.
    «Louis» also finds these big ships to be fascinating.

    «Louis» thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

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  20. Hi - hope you sort out the login problems of your earlier blog.
    And - will watch out for the dolphins too.

  21. Hi Joseph,

    I hope you'll be able to take some good shots of the dolphins someday.

    Have a good day! :-)

  22. Lovely photographs. It is a treat to the eye. Infact to catch this big ship in your camera is not all that easy.

    Once again commendable. As is said opportunities comes to those who make use of it. So u have done it.

  23. Hi Rema:)

    It was really frustrating to get a photo of the dolphins.The are so fast.They appear and disappear immediately.

    Fortunately, I was lucky to get some photos of the ship.

    Many thanks for your words of appreciation.

    Have a nice day:)

  24. Hello Joseph,

    No doubt one day you will see and be able to touch the dolphins. I know from personal experience how you will feel if you do ever get the chance to do this. I was luckily enough to do this in 2002 in St Lucia when out on a tour for something else when an eagle-eyed member of crew spotted them and moved the "cat" we were on towards them.

    Who knows one day something unplanned will happen and you will have a fantastic view and obtain wonderful photographs.

    I love the picture of the ship which appears to be caught in the net.

    Best wishes