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Thursday, April 22, 2010


I went to the Jawaharlal Nehru International stadium to sit in the shade of a tree and read Geofrey Chaucer’s book Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. Chaucer is considered to be the father of modern English poetry and the first short story writer in English verse.

I sat under the shade of a huge tree and started reading. After a little while I saw the sky getting darker with heavy rain bearing clouds. Soon the sunlight disappeared and the atmosphere looked eery.

Quickly I got up and went to the sheltered portion of the stadium. There was a tea shop. You know I love to drink tea. I bought a glass of tea and a packet of biscuits. I sat in a comfortable plastic chair and waited expectantly to see what will happen.

At first there was a strong breeze. The trees started swaying wildly as though they were possessed by evil spirits. The crows which were sitting comfortably on the trees got disturbed and started flying here and there with loud distressed noise. Then flashes of lightening lit up the sky. Soon there was ear shattering thunder rolling across the sky,

At fist few rain drops fell hesitantly on the ground and in no time there was a heavy down pour. It was raining cats and dogs.

You know ladies in Kerala are very clever. They carry a folding umbrella at all times in their hand bag to protect themselves from sun and rain and perhaps also from unruly men. So the ladies had no problem at all with the heavy down pour. They were walking happily as though nothing was happening.

But the men folk were caught unawares and they were getting drenched.

Well, I sat there happily enjoying the cooled down temperature sipping my hot glass of tea and munching my biscuits. I was wondering whether it was just summer rains or climate change because the normal monsoon in Kerala starts only by the end of May.


  1. Ooohhh you are so lucky Mr J to get this lovely refreshing rain. The NE is also getting showers we saw on the news. Only we are sizzling.Seeing your lovely cool rain makes me envious. But I am so happy you got nice refreshing weather.

  2. Hello Joseph, I always carry an umbrella why I don't know in the summer.
    I congratulate you on the photographs, they are really superb. Did you get very wet?

    Hope you are well and have a lovely day.


  3. wow. thats a lot of rain. sounds like you got to enjoy the storm though. love to wtch it rain and feel the energy in the air.

  4. Mr. Joseph can you please send some clouds to delhi ..its burning here :(

    Thanks for the refreshing felt good to look at them..I could smell the wet earth the fragrance :)

  5. Hi Joseph, how does that expression go? April showers bring May flowers. As I am writing you I can hear rain in Phoenix welcome the rain whenever we can get it. Hopefully it will prevent summer fires. as usual it is good hearing your words. later nikgee

  6. Hi Joseph,
    Thanks for sharing...sounds like a very relaxing moment for you.

  7. Really cool to see that... Your pics tells the story very well.. and ur writings add cream to the cake.. hope u enjoyed that day..

  8. I heard the weather there was very hot during the last couple of months, so I think the rain shouldn't be entirely unwelcome. When I was in Kerala last year the monsoon was late. Maybe this year it is early. Climate change could be causing the change in the times.

  9. I love a good storm, it's so theatrical. But I prefer to be indoors while it's happening. Gone are the days when I used to like walking and singing in the rain. It's no good for the hair style! I'm glad you took your camera with you, Joseph, those pictures are great.

  10. Oops..........
    I thought it will (almost)
    never rain in your country ;)
    I hope you had a umbrella ..... :)))
    We in The Netherlands have always
    a umbrella in our bag (many rain always ;(
    Love your photo's
    and the sky was very unique at your place
    (normal its so beautiful bleu :))))
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Anya :)

  11. Good evening joseph sir,
    hey! the place which u said was my childhood playground, later it became venue for more of my activities,
    i am so delighted to have reached this post.
    sitting far away in the desert, this wonderful post of urs have bought heavy rains to my mind...
    thank you..thank you soooooooooo much...
    would like to know more of you.

  12. Hello Sir..
    i love reading ur blogs.. u enjoi life like a Kid..and thats the best way to live..
    keep It Up !

  13. Hi Joseph,
    As I began reading this I was anticipating a line or two of poetry that captured you, oh well, the rain disappointed us both. Sounds cozy though, sitting, sipping and snapping pictures.
    God bless,

  14. i love a good rain storm. We have a week full of rain here in the south. The gray sky and the sound of rain on the roof, is one of natures lullabies. blessings

  15. I was on a visit to Kerala (Thrissur) between 3rd and 8th April. It was terribly hot with incessant sweating to which I am not used to. In between we had rains which was very refreshing.
    I was missing you. Today I made necessary changes in my blog roll and added the URL of your new blog. Now onwards I shall be able to know about your new posts.

  16. Hello Joseph Sir,

    The first rains are such a joy to watch and feel. Here in Bangalore too it has been raining cats and dogs every alternate days, accompanied with strong breeze, lightening and loud thunder. It feels like a drama, doesn't it. It starts with a certain music, builds up the mood and tempo, starts off slowly and steadily, and then all hell breaks loose. :-) I must commend you on the nice capture -- the ladies with the multipurpose folding umbrella. :-) Have a great week ahead.

  17. Oh you're lucky to be sitting there enjoying tea and biscuits instead of being out in the rain. You got nice photos of the clouds. And of the rain, too. I can hear the raindrops marching.

    Of course it's cool to see those people walking in the rain like walking in an ordinary weather. Might as well enjoy it.^^

  18. I love rain always. Esp summer rains. 2 days back, when it rained in the lunch time, I ran the terrace of my office and after some time back to my cube, completely drenched..

    Musings at Elephanta Caves
    Dressed up as a Bridesmaid

  19. Lovely Photographs Mr.Joseph...i just wish the Rain comes down good without hesistation all the time,,,brings too much heat at our places!

    Once again,good work with the Photographs!Have a nice time..:)

  20. Hi Joseph !!Seems you had a fantastic time there !! I really appreciate and enjoyed the beauty laid in the shots !!Simply amazing post !!Greeting to you and family !!Also please visit my New Blog About Paranormal Studies of India.Click on the Link to view it Unseen Rajasthan Paranormal

  21. That was some down pour. I also like to sit and watch people on a rainy day. I enjoyed your pictures. Have a nice week.

  22. Yes sir,

    It is very untimely rain..... Hope it rains during rainy season or else we know the problems in kerala.

  23. Hello Rema:)

    As you can see it has become quite hot again. Yesterday was so hot I was sweating profusely. In the night to add to my woes the electricity dept. switched off the current in the middle of the night for a few hours.

    Best wishes:)

  24. The last picture shows how fast that water got DEEP! Also that palm tree in the back is the biggest, fullest palm tree I have ever seen a picture of in my life! Ok...I want to get to Kerala before I die. I planned on Kerala for my honeymoon but the heat is too much for me. I'll have to come in the winter when I get the strength and money. Thanks again for showing me the world from my bed. I feel like I am really there, without the unbearable heat. lol.
    Off I go to read all the rest of your posts at both blogs, old and new.
    Bless you!

  25. Joseph, I just saw your post about it being hot and losing power. My poor husband in Swat, Pak ony gets power a few hours a day. People are dying. People have resorted to putting on WET T-shirts and let the water evaporate to keep them cool, even when they sleep. Very tough to be so hot with no power to cool you down.
    Bless you

  26. Nice to see the rain through your lens...keep posting!