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Monday, August 30, 2010


Democratic countries all over the world give freedom to their citizens to speak their mind, write what they want and paint what they desire, Christianity is a tolerant, understanding, forgiving, compassionate religion based on sacrifice and service and not on aggression and retribution . As a result, atheists find it easy to attack Christianity and in the process, if possible, gain some cheap publicity and make some quick money.

This is a comment written by me on the spur of the moment in JL’s blog REFLECTING ON THE BEACH where he has written an interesting post under the heading EUROPE WITHOUT CHRISTIANITY: A DIRE PROSPECT. Please visit his blog and check out the original post.

Christianity is the beacon light for the world. Others who are jealous of it try to gain some fame by writing against it.

I can think of Marx and Engels who wrote Das Capital. Communism succeed to some extent.But ultimately it gave way to capitalism because there is no survival in this world for Godless communists.

Another instance I can cite is Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. He created a sensation against Christianity and made money and name for himself.

There are innumerable authors who write against Jesus in an attempt to gain worlds attention and in the process make some money.

Christianity has gives us some fundamentally strong values, morals and ethics to live a decent dignified life in this world. It has brought an orderly way of life.It has taught us to live a civilized life and get along with others in harmony and peace. It has ensured progress and development of this world.

If Atheists have their way then murderers, rapists, drug peddlers, smugglers and other evil doers will be accepted as normal people. Any one can do anything and their behavior will be accepted as normal. You can imagine what people can do if they have no fear of God!

Christianity has shown poor people a way to put up and endure their difficult situation in life. It has given them immense solace and peace to cope up with their miserable situation.

In the rich people it has inculcated a sense of charity and compassion for the suffering poor. It has shown them a way to achieve inner peace by doing something good for the poor. It has restrained the rich and powerful from misusing their power and position..

Let all those who want to write against Christianity do so and we get an opportunity to study their evil minds.

Christianity has gone through several vituperative,vehement and vociferous attacks over a period of 2000 years. It has always come out more brighter, more vigorous, more resilient, more glittering and more shining in all its glory and splendor.

It has shown human beings a way to live a beautiful and an orderly life, realize one's full potential in this world and look forward to eternal bliss with the Creator in the next life.


  1. Hello Joseph, well done on a wonderful post about the Christian way od life, as you so rightly say the athiest would accept all sorts of people as "Normal" people who live the most unsavoury lives.One has to have a focus on life to have a decent standard of living.
    Your pictures again are wonderful a real joy to look at.
    Hope you are well.

  2. To each his faith. But like you said, faith is what keeps us going. And there's renewed joy and hope even in times of despair, because we believe!

  3. interestingly enough christianity has tended to thrive more in times of great persecution, historically. i would disagree witht eh broad stroke you just poainted atheist with...that is no different than the broad stroke they paint christianity with. there was a 'christian' group here recently that got broken up because of illegal practices...i certainly would not want to be lumped in with a christian terrorist...i guess we do that with muslims here in this country though...we have to measure ourselves to be sure we do not stoop to their tactics, for then what would truly seperate us...

  4. Hi Joseph,

    I feel today's atheists are getting far too arrogant and self-righteous. There are various reasons for this including: a revival of religion, especially in the developing world; unprecedented growth in prosperity in many western countries over the last few decades; advances in science that seem to disprove the biblical account of creation. Today's atheists like Richard Dawkins are hitting out at religion, particularly Christianity, with incredible gusto.

    People are rightfully concerned about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, but atheists see all religions as the same. In the west, atheists only have experience of Christianity and since Christians are an easy target, their attack is primarily focussed on the Christian faith. They like to deny the all the positive impacts Christianity has made, which is a shame.

    Science is the atheist's main weapon against Christianity. The theory of evolution seems to disprove the Genesis account. I don't agree with this. The theory of evolution is consistent with Genesis if you take into account the Hebrew word for 'day' could refer to a time period stretching 24 hours, a season or an era. A billion years is like a day for God. Evolution doesn't account for life suddenly appearing on earth. It doesn't account for man having a conscious or his sense of morality. We know the universe did come into existence at a particular point in time. What caused it? Scientists, who deny the existence of God, are still coming up with different theories but yet have no evidence to back them up. The evidence all points toward a supernatural creator.

    If you look at the record of atheists over the last hundred years, it is not good. In fact, atheistic ideologies have led to far more people killed than religion. That's why you have to be concerned about atheists coming to power.

    Man's urge to deify himself rather than God is the root problem. For now atheists may think they are winning against Christianity, but I'm sure in the end they will fail.


  5. Joseph, this is a powerful subject. I have two clean living, law abiding friends who are atheists but they don't condone wrong doing or sin in any form. In fact, if you didn't know you would believe they were good Christian people. Knowing them, I find the subject very difficult to debate. I like your header picture very much, it has a message all it's own.

  6. I applaud your bold an d virile post Mr Joseph.

    The results of atheism are evident- the aftermath of communism shows it.
    Your photos are extraordinary

  7. Hi Joseph
    Wonderful post
    (as always !!)
    Your photo's are wonderful...
    Thanks for the info its very interesting.

    greetings Anya

  8. Thanks for this post...The comments you raised have relevance in the current world scenario..

  9. Thanks for sharing this interesting post...On the surface Science and Christianity are now being met face to face.

  10. That's probably what people belonging
    to other religions think too.
    When I read your post I couldn't help
    thinking of MF Hussain!

  11. Hello my dear Joseph! I hope you are doing well, I have been so remiss in visiting you and other blogs as our little Benjamin keeps us so busy.

    This is a wonderful post here and you are so right about the atheists. I just read today on another blog that there was a booth at their local fair titled 'Don't believe in God? You're not alone', which was run by an atheist who had all kinds of literature speaking against the existence of God. They also had busts of famous atheists, as if it was some sort of achievement. I find it terribly disgusting and sacrilege myself.

    However, you are correct...we are not to store our treasures up on this Earth for it is only our temporary home. Praise Jesus for that!

    God's blessings to you and your family today and always Joseph!


  12. It is true, we do see more and more of these acts in society. But Christians have been persecuted for there religious beliefs from the beaning of time. It is the fear that atheists have that makes them speak out and also act the way they do. If we did not have any religious beliefs this world would be in such a turmoil. A very thought provoking post. God bless you for posting this.

  13. Disrespecting other peoples belief is just not shows the non tolerance in human being and total disrespect for other peoples feeling. RGB is each his faith.

  14. For me there is no difference, I feel that God is there right inside me, I don't have to go looking for him outside. I have been to Churches, Mosques,and temples, and didn't feel any different. I feel most close to him within myself, he is always there for me.

  15. I want to add anothe r comment Mr Joseph

    After many centuries of Christian theism, the Western mind" has rejected the Creator and the supernatural and proclaime d th e autonomy of man. In consequense;
    Man is now forlorn, he is on his own.

    The question 'What is man?" becomes almost unanswerable. We can no longer hope to explain what we are.The autonomy of man' s thinking about himself has brought him to a 'complete anarchy of thought' .

    Look what atheism did to the now erstwhile communist countries