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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Here is a well researched,well written,scintillating comment in my previous post by JL from REFLECTING ON THE BEACH.
I feel today's atheists are getting far too arrogant and self-righteous. There are various reasons for this including: a revival of religion, especially in the developing world; unprecedented growth in prosperity in many western countries over the last few decades; advances in science that seem to disprove the biblical account of creation. Today's atheists like Richard Dawkins are hitting out at religion, particularly Christianity, with incredible gusto.

People are rightfully concerned about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, but atheists see all religions as the same. In the west, atheists only have experience of Christianity and since Christians are an easy target, their attack is primarily focussed on the Christian faith. They like to deny the all the positive impacts Christianity has made, which is a shame.

Science is the atheist's main weapon against Christianity. The theory of evolution seems to disprove the Genesis account. I don't agree with this. The theory of evolution is consistent with Genesis if you take into account the Hebrew word for 'day' could refer to a time period stretching 24 hours, a season or an era. A billion years is like a day for God. Evolution doesn't account for life suddenly appearing on earth. It doesn't account for man having a conscious or his sense of morality. We know the universe did come into existence at a particular point in time. What caused it? Scientists, who deny the existence of God, are still coming up with different theories but yet have no evidence to back them up. The evidence all points toward a supernatural creator.

If you look at the record of atheists over the last hundred years, it is not good. In fact, atheistic ideologies have led to far more people killed than religion. That's why you have to be concerned about atheists coming to power.

Man's urge to deify himself rather than God is the root problem. For now atheists may think they are winning against Christianity, but I'm sure in the end they will fail.
It is time for all good Christians to reinforce their faith and guard themselves against the attacks of misguided atheists.


  1. intriguing...this must be much more of a threat overseas...we dont see much in the US...actually i would say in many circles. religeon is an underlying current more than and obvious one...perhaps that is the problem...

  2. Hi Joseph, it is good hearing from you. I was having trouble for a while there. It seems someone or entity was trying to post comments, but when I clicked on them it would send me to some porn sight. I think it is straightened out now. You're right I thought I had lost track of everyone. You take care and God bless you. nikgee

  3. Friend.
    I'm sorry your having a difficult time with this dispute. Its on going and will be for sometime. The pictures are interesting and bright. Take care

  4. Hello Joesph lovely to hear from you,
    I guess athiests are the sort of people who dosen't believe in God, but do they also not believe in themselves?. One has to have faith in this life, God is a rock and through that rock we can believe in our own selves and try to achieve goals in life we wish to persue, Without God that is not possible.
    Your pictures are wonderful as always.
    Have a good week and take care.

  5. Dear Joseph, you continue your move like an elephant unmindful of why and who is barking.

  6. Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for linking to my post.

    The lengths to which atheists are going to deny God is quite amazing. A few days ago Professor Stephen Hawking said that God played no part in the creation of the universe. He said the Big Bang was an inevitable event due to the laws of gravity. But isn’t gravity a property of the universe? Again, this is a scientist clutching at straws to explain why we are here.

    If you found a watch on the ground somewhere, would you think that the watch evolved on its own without a creator? Of course not. In all likelihood the creator of the universe – God - exists outside time and space. He is like the playwright and we are the characters. We cannot prove He exists but we see signs that point to His existence. As a Christian, I believe that God entered time and space in the form of Jesus Christ.

    With respect to Christianity, it’s a changing picture worldwide. It is definitely eroding in Europe while in Africa and China it is growing. China could become the most populous Christian this century! That’s despite it being an officially atheist country with restrictions on religious freedom. The thing is, the majority of people have a spiritual yearning and no amount of materialism and progress can stop that.

    Best wishes,

  7. Namaste:

    One need not enter the debate really its quite simple. One can believe or in this case not believe what they choose to believe or not believe that is the freedom of choice and the privelege granted to all. Why debate is there non-believe a factor in my life, not really. More power to them.

    Have a good week

  8. Dear Mr. Joseph, thank you for this profound post.

    The Bible says it in one sentence, 'The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.' (Psalms)

    Who is Stephen Hawkins to one day say God created the universe which he maintained in his book 'A brief history of Time ' and now in his newest treatise he retracts and says the universe came into being by itself.

    When man to proclaim himsdelf as god , he pushes his creator aside.

    I feel so sorry for the Kerala college teacher whos e hand was choped off bt Islamic fundamentalists an d now he has lost his job. I think all teachers should unite and support him in his struggle for justice.

  9. The photos are very nice I want to add

  10. Hi Joseph,
    It's a sad time as athiests continue denies the existence of God. I pray that these persons of little or no faith will have a desire to change in way that is pleasing to God.

  11. We have always had people that don't believe in God or the creation of earth.. You are right, us Christians need to hold fast and not lead astray. You always post such thought provoking subjects, I like that. Have a nice week Joseph.

  12. I believe that God exists just because I want God to be existing. Many scientists who were atheists died understanding the eternal care of His love..
    Let's hope these atheists also once turn to the side of God.

  13. Hi Joseph I'm an atheist from the UK I respect the fact that you have your faith and I feel that you would respect the fact that I do not have faith. Christianity has shaped my country and culture Britain would not be the country it is today without it. I feel that here in the UK multiculturalism has made Christianity an easy target for atheist and that the politically correct Marxo-racists actively encourage the demonization of Christianity because it is the indigenous faith of these Isles. I argue with other atheist that if they really want a secular society then it is Islam that needs to be addressed but people are scared of being branded a racist because the Politically Correct Brigade try and equate Islam with Race!