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Sunday, December 5, 2010


A few months back I was in Chennai to visit my relatives. I had an opportunity to go to St.Thomas Mount, the place where it is believed Doubting Thomas, one of the disciples Christ,was martyred.

St.Thomas Mount is situated 300ft.above sea level.There is a flight of 160 steps leading up to the summit of the mount and there are 14 Stations of the Cross erected on the way to the summit.

The Mount vibrates with divine touch and devotional charm. The Portuguese called the place Monte Grande (Big Mountain) while the locals named it Parangi Malai because of its occupation by foreigners. The English who came to India in the 17th century called the place St.Thomas Mount. Today St.Thomas Mount is a Holy Place of international prominence, Historical eminence, religious glory and tourist attraction.

These photos were taken with my mobile phone.Please click on the photos for a larger view.

This mount also holds a special place in my heart.There is a road behind leading up to the summit.When I was young and living in Thousand Lights I used to bicycle every week end with my friends to the mount and run on this road up to the summit and down several times.It was a tiring,strenuous run and we had to strain every muscle in our body.Needless to say we were completely exhausted by the end and found it very difficult to bicycle our long way back home especially with aching thigh and calf muscles.


  1. Hi Joseph! Interesting post! Had no idea about that... Always learning!!

    Blogtrotter Two is in the Valley of Kings waiting for you!! No photos allowed inside the tombs, sorry… Enjoy and have a great week!

  2. I do so admire your excellent photography Joseph,
    It's a pleasure to come to your post.

    Have a good week.

  3. I'm a little confused. I thought I had visited here in Chennai about 6 years ago. They were repairing the ?basilica?cathedral which housed the alleged grave of St Thomas. But it didn't look like these pictures at all. Please relieve me of my ignorance Joseph.

  4. Nice photos Joseph. You must have a good camera phone! I didn't know you grew up in Madras.

    In 232 the relics of Thomas were returned by an Indian king and taken to the city of Edessa, Mesopotamia. St Ephraem (died 373), the great doctor of the Syrian Church, confirmed this in his writings and hymns. The church in Edessa also has a record of the arrival of the corpse. An early entry on the church’s ecclesiastical calendar reads: "3 July, St Thomas who was pierced with a lance in India. His body is at Urhai [ancient name for Edessa] having been brought there by the merchant Khabin. A great festival." Apart from St Ephraem many other leaders of the Early Church also attest to Thomas' apostolate in India.

    For St Thomas Christians like myself, Thomas is like a father figure who planted the seed of the Christian faith in the first century.

    Best wishes,

  5. Wonderful photographs. I never thought that one could get such nice images with a mobile phone camera.

  6. This is such beautiful, peaceful, holy place. I visited it years ago, now they have develope d it further,

    Lovely to see the sun washed buildings.

    The Christians of India owe so much to Saint Thomas.

  7. Excellent photographs, Joseph. I tried to imagine you when you were younger running up and down the Mount.

  8. This is a very interesting post and I enjoyed your pictures, which are always so nice and clear. I never knew mobile phones took such great pictures. Have a nice week.

  9. I often wonder how in those days people used to cycle such long distances. I remember my periappa used to cycle from Anna Nagar to Besant Nagar, just to spend some time with my father and with us and go back: and he used to be around 60/65 at that time. And you too how could travel so far in cycle, although you must have been a lot younger?
    I remember my father telling us about how they used to cycle from Madras to Avadi everyday to attend the office.
    Your pictures of St. Thomas church is very good. It brought back memories of my visits long time ago.
    Have a nice day Joseph.

  10. Namaste my friend.

    Wonderful post, thanks for the history, your time and photographs. I enjoyed it all.

    stay blessed.

  11. Hi Joseph, nice pictures. I have always been able to relate to the person of Thomas, doubting Thomas as he appeared to be the most human of all Jesus disciples. We doubt and believe, we hurt and feel great joy,we love and dislike, but all in all we are human.Repentance and love in our hearts.