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Sunday, June 7, 2015


We have seen some reasons for having children in my previous post. However,there are many more reasons to have children.  Please take a look at the following comments.

Nilanjana Bose====I personally can never regret the experience of parenthood. My child makes my life sparkle in unimaginable ways :)

caroll mckenna====Giving birth is really a way to perpetuate life. We are all connected and all need to feel love and belongings. One biological son and 2 stepsons ~ I enjoyed all of them. I am glad I gave birth to him( biological son) and sometimes wish I had more birth children ~ yet it was not 'in the cards'

rudraprayaga====Having children in a planned number is a Nature's law. If all choose not to have issues, one more species will become extinct. So I think people should have their own progeny with restricted numbers to carry out their family legacy.

SheshaChaturvedi ====growth and evolution is a truth of nature. We should definitely give births to children

Kristin ====As a woman who struggled to have children - and who was eventually given the gift of a baby through adoption - I can say that my life would not be the same without her. But it has always been my hope to be a Mother

Ygraine==== As a mother who miscarried 7 babies, and lost a daughter at the age of just two weeks old, I do take motherhood very seriously. I have just one surviving son now, and he is so precious to me.

 Magyar -----I'm lucky to have my wife, my daughter, my son and my grand children

River-----Some people know for sure they do not want any and that's fair enough. For the rest of us, do we want them because we love children? do we want them so we can share the delights we knew ourselves as children?

Please click on the names of the above wonderful friends to visit their blogs and when you are there please do not forget to  write comments.  I am sure you will become good friends.

I am now  summarizing the various points mentioned by my above friends and I wonder whether you will are in agreement  with them.

Firstly, no couple will regret the experience of parent hood and children bring sparkle to parents lives in unimaginable  ways.

Secondly, couple perpetuate life by having children and we all need love and belonging.

Thirdly, it is a natural law to have children. Man and woman are designed to have children and couples who don’t have children are going against this natural law.

Fourthly, if we don’t have children human beings will become extinct in less than hundred years like the dinosaurs.

Fifthly, children are needed to carry on the family legacy. What is the use of accumulating wealth and amassing property if we can’t leave it for progeny who will carry on our  family name?

Sixthly, it is good to have a family with children and grandchildren and those who don’t have them are missing out the meaning of life.

Seventhly, couples who don’t have children don’t love children and are inadequate in themselves to rise up to the challenges of bringing up children.

Eighthly, it is  better to adopt a child if a couple can’t have children or don’t want to have children.

Ninthly, couples who don’t have children are denying themselves the most precious thing in this life and have to put up a pretense to cover up the vacuum or emptiness in their lives.

I am sure you have your own thoughts on these points and I will be delighted if will share them generously with me.


  1. awwww reading through this post,makes me want to have a kid of my own...but that will only happen at the right time..

  2. You've made some really interesting points here, Joseph.
    I and woman were designed to have children, so there is always that inner drive. I know I experienced it so powerfully that through all the personal tragedies I still felt the need to become a mother...and then finally managed it - for which I am so grateful.
    I do understand, though, that some people decide parenthood isn't for them.
    I think it is much better to admit that, rather than have children because they feel pressured and then not love them.
    I truly believe every child deserves to be loved. It is their birthright.

    Have a Great Day, Joseph.:))

  3. Nothing is as good as building a lovely family with your own children. Its always interesting. NICE POST

  4. Your children are always yours and they will love you always. You will always love your children unconditionally and they will always be yours. All other gifts that go along with being a parent are bonuses.

  5. I always wanted to have children and I wish I'd had more. However, I respect that other people/couples feel very differently. It is a very personal choice and whatever we decide should be respected. I don't think there's a right or wrong here.

  6. To have or a very personal choice, so like everything else in life, there are no rights or wrongs..I feel that its fine both ways..if you have it fine..enjoy it, but if you have it, there is so much more in this world to love and enjoy..appreciate that..

  7. Parenthood is precious. It not only takes you to next level in life, it also allows you to appreciate what your parents have done for you. Children give a reason to live. They act as a motivator. It is also a great responsibility. You must be mentally & financially prepared to take it. If it is thrust upon u forcefully, it would only seem like a burden.

  8. Wonderful post and enjoyed the similar yet different comments about having children ~ They come through us not for us (Gibran poet) ~ and hopefully we provide them 'wings to fly' on their own well ~

    Always enjoy your intellectual ponderings and networking people as we are all connected ~ Wishing you the best in each day ~ xo
    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. Like Loco said, it not only takes you to next level in life, it also allows you to appreciate what your parents have done for you.

  10. just question of choice for husband and wife

  11. This is a very interesting post. I went through all the comments twice. I am glad that you wrote on this subject. Thank you.

    Have a great day. Blessings to you and your family.

  12. I agree with most of the comments.....nice of you to listen and post about comments you received

  13. Children are wonderful and I'm glad people are able to be there for them. I think the decision to have children or not have children is one of the most important choices anyone can make... I don't think everyone should have them for a lot of reasons, but I respect your opinion.

  14. Though there are pros and cons of having children, I think it all boils down to personal choice. If an individual feels he is ill equipped to be a "parent", then it would be irresponsible to have them - and neglect them in the process.

  15. It can be hard work raising children, but they can also be a blessing.

  16. I did not get married until I was 52 years old. I did not disobey God and have a child without a husband. I am too old now at age 61 to have children with my husband and too old to adopt. So I don't agree that all who do not have children don't love children or are inadequate to rise to the challenge. My husband and I both love children but it wasn't in God's plan to give them to us.

  17. Excellent post and great topic

  18. interesting further thoughts! x

  19. These thoughts show how much better children can make most peoples' lives.