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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Lawlessness is the hallmark of democracy
In democracy we have freedom but how is this freedom used. Consider the following cases.

One, a politician’s son shoots dead a seventeen year old boy because the car in which the teenager was traveling overtook the politician’s son’s car.

Two, a low caste man falls in love with a high caste girl and marries her. The parents of the high caste girl organize a gang to kill the low caste man in broad day light.

Three, a police officer falsely implicates a man in a murder case and gets him arrested because the man did not pay a bribe to the police officer.

Four, a gang of young men beat to death a man in broad day light because of some argument they had previously.

Five, a gang of young men beat to death two men because they objected to the gang teasing a young girl on the road.

Six, a man forcibly carries away a girl in full public view to a remote building to rape her. But this girl bit him badly and escaped. The police did not register a case when the girl complained and she had to bring a video footage from a spy camera to prove her charges.

Seven, a reporter is shot dead because he wrote against a mafia politician.

Eight, people smoke in public although there is a ban on public smoking.

Nine, shop keepers  spread their wares on foot path and make the pedestrians walk on roads with busy traffic risking their lives

Ten, when a mother checked the bag of her school going daughter she found condoms to her horror. When she confronted the daughter with the discovery, the daughter admitted she was having sex with her classmate in an apartment owned by the boy’s  father.

I can go on and on.

Don’t you think democracy breeds lawlessness?

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