new year

new year
new year

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I have been away for a long time. I wanted a break. Today I opened the blog and checked. BBC wanted to know whether I am alive or dead. LOL.

It is monsoon season here. It is raining heavily. Even going out for a walk is difficult on account of the wind and rain.

My lunch was a LOVELY,COLORFUL,LARGE, DELICIOUS  mango fruit and a glass of milk. I feel nice and happy,

Be happy and peaceful, calm and comfortable.

Best wishes


  1. You have been missed. It's good to know you are still here.

  2. Hey: I hope you keep posting!!!


  3. Namaste
    Welcome back.

    Glad to read from you. Though I don't really know you, I worry at first wondering what has happened why there were no updates. Then I talk myself down saying, "list Rhapsody, people have a life, they are living, perhaps blogging is not a priority and so you must simply accept." Then i am able to let go....haha... A little loopy perhaps? LOL