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Sunday, October 23, 2016


I was standing at the Trivandrum KSRTC bus terminal with my son Francis Xavier. I was taking him for his first job interview at Nest Technologies at the TECHNO PARK. It was 8.30 in the morning. The bus station was crowded. I was looking around for our bus. At that time a super fast came to a screeching halt. I saw the passengers get down from the bus. The last to come out was the driver and the conductor. They were chatting amiably and walking towards the office. The conductor had the journey's collection in his hand bag. The bag was bulging with money. He held the bag very casually as he had been doing it every day. After all, the bus stand was teeming with people. He and the driver were tough, burly people. There was also a police 'flying squad' parked nearby. Who can even dare to think of doing any thing to the bag?

As he was leisurely strolling, chatting, laughing and carelessly holding the bag, I saw a young man walking briskly towards the conductor from the opposite direction. When he came close to the conductor, he greeted him as though he was his close friend. The conductor although not very sure greeted the man in return and smiled at him. As the conductor smiled the young man bent down, grabbed the bag and started running. The conductor couldn't believe that such a thing could happen. He was shocked for a few seconds. We also watched all this thinking his friend was playing a prank. Suddenly the conductor started screaming, "My bag, my bag! Thief, thief! Somebody catch him! He is running with my money!" He started running after the thief. Only then the crowd realised that the conductor was robbed. Some people started running behind the conductor chasing the thief. In the mean while the thief had already reached the far end of the terminus. 

The dozing police 'FLYING SQUAD' woke up from their slumber. The police jeep started and went after the thief with the siren screaming. The wily robber ran into the narrow lanes and bilanes and escaped. The police men came back to vent their fury on the already upset conductor. They told him that he fully deserved to be robbed and chided him for being so careless with his money bag. They advised him to go and give a written complaint in the police station. They assured him that they will definitely catch the thief and restore the money.
The conductor was wailing. He has to pay the money out of his pocket to the office. He will have a black mark on his service record. His salary raise for that year will be held back. Too many problems for the conductor for just being careless.

So friends, be careful with your valuables in crowded places because the friendly looking person standing next to you smiling very innocently could be a robber. Who knows?
Do you have any real life incidents like this? Share it with me. I will be delighted to hear from you.


  1. I dont know why I haven't read this post from 2016! I feel sorry for the conductor, even if he was careless. He shouldn't be robbed! The poor conductor had to pay back the money.

    I was robbed of my wallet while at Walmart of my wallet by distracting me. Fortunately I had no money in it. The police found it, returned it.

  2. Yes crowded places are the most vulnerable places.