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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Magarpatta City,Poona

When I was in Poona a few months back I stayed with my family in an apartment in a building called Cosmos in Magarpatta City. This is a new township with well maintained roads, excellent security system,neat foot paths, benches to sit,specific places for shops, a lovely garden, excellent waste disposal system and no beggars.

When I took the photo of the main gate I had a problem with the security. You will see a security guard in the photo below. He walked briskly to me and told me to remove the photo. I pretended to remove the photo and told him that the photo has been deleted. He was satisfied and walked back. But I actually did not delete the photo.

I live in a congested town in terms of buildings,shops,vehicles and people and people all over the place. In the rainy season the roads get damaged and there are pot holes in all the main roads.The bus drivers and motor cycle riders are reckless and scarcely obey traffic rules. Police will look the other way instead of disciplining the erring drivers.The noise pollution and smoke pollution is quite high. The waste disposal arrangement are not good. The foot paths are not fit for people to walk and it would be better to walk on the road and of course one has to be careful. Public conveniences and bus shelters are few.There is no gap between towns and villages. There are houses and people everywhere. But the city throbs with life. We have a wonderful natural harbor and back waters, lovely parks and music walk ways.many places of tourist interest.We grow pepper, ginger, cardamom and other spices apart from tea in our hilly regions.The entire state remains green all through the year on account of the heavy down pour during the monsoon.

I wonder how your place compares with my town.


  1. Hello Joseph, Wgat a fantastic post, the place looked a wonderful place and the photo's were excellenr. I loved the bit about you pretending to remove the photo. When I went to Gracelands Elvis's home we were not allowed to have the flash on the camera, which made the photo's rather dull, but we managed to do the best we could. The place where you went looked a wonderful place to be and a photographers paradise.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. nice. thanks for showing us around your town town is rather like and octopus...tight in the center and thining into arms that snake into the surrounding mountains. we live ont he outskirts, still tight enough to have neighbors but we have woods to teh back of us....

  3. Hi Joseph,

    I was in Poona a few years ago. Old buildings were being razed for tall new ones to come up. The city was changing fast. From your photos I can see the city is changing quickly.

    I was in Kochi last year. I agree with everything you say about the sate of the city. I don't know how long it will take for it to improve. Maybe they never will!

    The best place to be in Kerala is on a houseboat in the backwaters. The scenery is stunning and so serene. You're away from the madding crowds and everything seems so peaceful.


  4. We have all the main attractions you mentioned, Joseph, but where I live it is quieter. I like your expression 'throbs with life' ... it tells me so much. I loved the pictures, and for a moment thought my old Labrador had put in an appearance, he looked so much like the one in the photograph. Interesting tale about removig the picture from your camera, I sometimes wish we were stricter about such things.

  5. Fast growing cities like Pune and Chandigarh have the advantage of retaining their old-worldly charm, yet having all the comforts of the life in a metro.
    In the metros all the comforts of life are available, at a price.But those which warm the heart are sadly missing-like the birdsong, star spangled skies and lush greenery.

  6. Your town looks to be a wonderful place to call home. I think all towns have some of the same problems as you mentioned. Have a great week.

  7. With Cosmos probably being related to its Greek roots, meaning "world" this surely was an interesting view of it.
    Seeing everything so clean and tidy made me wonder much, as the city over here is far from that. It was only yesterday that two people said to me, they saw a rat on the playground where I use to go with the kid.
    With regard to car pollution and alike, there are at least 22 days a year when the air is filled with too much CO2, regarding European health regulations, there are however areas when it comes to at least 144 days a year.
    With regard to strikes, am waiting until next Thursday, when usually there will another one, making it a challenge for sure.
    Please have you all a wonderful Tuesday.

    daily athens

  8. Pune is beautiful, Ive seen it in your pictures for the first time....but nothing can compete Kerela Mr. live in a geen hevenly abode..I'd love to visit kerela one day!

  9. Beautiful shots of the new township. Has been quite maintained. My place is also maintained well, even though congested.

  10. Magarpatta photographs were a feast to my eyes. It looks as if it has been created for the rich. Kochi is also beautiful but there are problems as you say, but not insurmountable.Thanks for sharing.

  11. The photos of the new township are very nice. We live in a well maintained city, with fresh drinking water, waste is disposed of properly, streets are clean and people maintain their yards. I always enjoy your pictures. Have a nice week.

  12. Hi Joseph,

    Magarpatta City pretty much describes the town I live in. My residential area isn't new, but is well maintained. Lots of green and plenty of open spaces. There are shopping complexes, but the town is less congested compared to many other cities in the country. I get the best of both worlds. I feel really blessed. :-)

    Have a good day! :-)

  13. Dear Mr JP,

    you did well to compare these special mini townships the abode of the rich and elite with the normal cities in which the aam admi (common man) lives. In fact somebody was commenting that the people who live in these posh, well ordered colonies forget what the rest of India is like.

    The infrastructure and civi aminities are very poor or non exsistant in our cities. The thing I detest most is the poor garbage disposal and un -even footpaths & bad roads .

    I wish I had the privelledge of living in a township like Cosmos.

  14. Nice photos Mr Joseph. Can't believe such townships are becoming the norm in India where most people live in the midst of squalor, even if they have money.
    After living in Dubai for more than 10 years I keep wondering how I will adjust with life back home...
    Loved the bit abt hoodwinking the security. We'll have naughty children inside us.

  15. Thank you for sharing. These photos are what I imagined your city to look like. I guess i never realy thought about certian places in India are still somewhat native. I eat crystalized organic ginger to help my stomach. I'm a tea drinker all the way , I would Love to see the greens of the food growen where you are. I bet the trees and flowers are different too.
    Thank you for sharing my friend.

  16. Blessings/Namaste my friend....

    There is good and bad in everything, every place and every region. When you get the opportunity go onto my spaces blog at and select take a look at the albums there, you will view all of the areas where I live. If you love buildings check out my photos from the albums Around Downtown Toronto-My Ride and DowntownToronto.

    I enjoyed your photos and you were quite naughty to the security guard telling a fib and sneaking off with photos in cam.

    Hope all your family are in the best of health. Hope you see you around my space sometime via your comments.

    stay blessed my friend

  17. Each place is distinct in its own way. The clean and organized arrangement around Cosmos would have been the result of efforts made by a few, and abided by a few others.

    The greenery in your town is luxury for many. Wish the people there could appreciate the beauty of their land a bit more and do something to make it stay beautiful forever!

    Read a few of your earlier posts and found them interesting:p Following you...

  18. In Bangalore, there are many gated colonies, which have all the facilities mentioned by you, in fact as soon as you enter any of these places you would feel as if you have been transported to a foreign country.
    Come out of them you encounter the same bad roads, pollution and filth.
    The pictures are very good.
    But I am sure despite all the minus points about our country there is still no other place as good as India.

  19. In my home town Allahabad U.P. th e best part of town in the Cantonment and Air Force area, so spic and span- everything in order. I wish I lived in that vicinity. The roads are also so well kept. Why can 't the rest of the city be as disciplines as th e armed forces!

  20. Sir Joseph, wonderful photo blog of your travel and your observations. As a Kochinier I too share your views on our town, I am sure I may not live long to see our place fully structured. But I am proud like you to be part of a generation, who are building it, giving a new direction.

    Always a lovely experience to read your blog.

  21. Hi Joseph, I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I guess it is considered a large city. Spread out.Connected with several other cities. From one side to the other is about 40 to 50 mile radius. Do to the lay out the bus system is so so . Most people drive. We are right in the middle of the desert and the temperture is quite high now 110 to 120 with high humidity as we are in monsoon season, but haven't had a drop of rain in months. When it finally does rain it will be a down pour. It's not all bad. Fall it will start to cool down . Winter is mild as a rule.I can't remember the last time I wore a coat. And spring is so beautiful. I will have to take pictures of the desert in bloom.

  22. Hi Nick:)

    I am not able to write comments in your blog because your blog is not allowing my comments to be published. Please check up what is the problem.

    Best wishes:)